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When I Walk Into the Sun (standard:poetry, 403 words)
Author: Leonard BeckerAdded: Dec 16 2000Views/Reads: 3109/1829Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A life.

"When I walk into the sun," 

The young man muttered, as he wandered into the woods. 

His words then fell unto the ground, 

Deaf ears amongst the desolation. 

Amidst a dense fog, 

He decided hed lived too long 

Without direction, 

Buried in confusion. 

So he walked into the bryer patch, 

Through the looking glass, to find no wonderland, 

Into the untamed woods, scarring the mud beneath his feet. 

This confusion I speak, is well fostered, 

Fed by parents, who gave money, but no gold, 

By friends, who gave congratulations, but no meaning, 

And a silver mind, slowly rotting in his case. 

And so, he had no comfort. 

No green light beyond the docks, 

No rosebud from his past, 

And no shelter from the Dark city, 

Rebuilding his dreams while he sleeps. 

A long time had gone by, 

While he wandered the woods, 

Before he found an answer. 

His family had forgotten his voice, 

And he had begun to feed off bugs and worms. 

Far beyond the point where no one cares, 

A light arose from the crook of a tree. 

In that crook, he found a pot of gold. 

Fog slowly cleared, as he stared 

At the billions of coins beneath him, making him instantly rich. 

With his sudden wealth, 

He found the essential truths, 

That we all seek. 

Like how true friendship arises only when you can critique them, 

Or the meaning of life is to find meaning, 

Or how a man without prose, can never truly be. 

And with these truths, he found a girl. 

Beautiful and sweet, slowly wilting in her own world. 

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