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Thinking too much about our own decay (standard:non fiction, 1354 words)
Author: JonboydubAdded: Feb 21 2004Views/Reads: 3368/2136Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
How whatever we do effects everyone. Including you and me.

Thinking Too Much: About our own decay! By: Jonathan Pettus 

I just have to get out of here; everyday it takes all I have to hold
back. I wish someone who understood had a shoulder so I could get rid 
of all these tears. Not from the physical pain, but this emotional shit 
that keeps falling like rain. All I see everyday is individual lives 
being hung just like old clothes on some store sale rack. 

Freedom of speech my ass, no one hears them speak. Your so-called land
of opportunity wreaks of crack and smack, but only if your black, white 
trash with a rash in the pants. Hey their sexy girl want to dance! 

No, this is not date rape, but ok let me give it to you straight. For
you girl my love is true and something tells me that we are singing to 
the same tune. Legal drugs have taken over the mind of this innocent 
girl. She can not see what is going on in this guy's mind. All she 
knows is someone finally wants to intertwine, and true love we will 
find. Of course this is pure, of that she is sure? So this guys dick 
she gives a whirl. Light is flowing through the window. Her head 
spinning like a spindle. It is so cold on the other side of the bed, 
but she knows he must be outside smoking a cigarette. No need for me to 
go on, because you know what is going to be said. Is there a drop of 
any more innocence? 

Slowly but surely our so-called mighty, lovely country, which seems to
make up the whole world. No, I'm not depressed, but Mother Earth does 
need a rest or she is going to be long gone and dead. No matter how big 
a fight she puts up, everything will be taken out by one big rip curl. 

Pregnant girls go down. No one understands. They have no more future
plans. So they go down and end up in downtown. Round the corner a 
junkie drug dealer can be found. That is where lives the American 
dream, or so it seems. Now she has her fix, caught up all in the mix. 
Bears a baby, drops it in the trash, or even sells it for cash. Even 
little babies have become a monetary stash. So the once innocent girl, 
she gets her shit and ends up in general hospital because her heart 
just finally crashed. God help me understand how this is at all 

The next day she is forgotten, but the guy he is still out fucking, and
suburbia goes on. General Hospital remains in their mind. Not because 
of the real life, now dead, female. It's the cops' wife sitting at home 
watching the drama soap opera fairy tail. It's ok though she knows; 
these actors in real life are all so kind. Can not miss it, so she 
tapes the shit, rewinds it and gets her fucked up fake drama, but much 
to real, fix. So proud of her husband, for he helps build her 
neighborhood of lies and tricks. 

Mr. Teen, please do not speed. You had better stay far away from that
terrorist supporting contraband, it is destroying “OUR land...??? Hands 
them a warning ticket.  The teens leave the scene and once again speed. 
Thankful, the pig they call him, did not find the weed. 

Copper heads home after his shift; it is not the fifties no more so his
wife does not greet him at the door. They may not know it yet, but 
slowly their love is going to drift. If what they say is true, about 
what goes in, is what comes out. Then the soap opera drama she is 
watching is going to cause their life to be a mess. From the fridge he 
grabs a beer. All the sudden in the back with a big smack. She sheds a 
tear because he does not care. They start to fight. Kids in the middle 
trying to figure out this fucked up riddle. 

These kids fuse though is just about to light. Shit, here we go another
fistfight in school. They have broken to many rules. Ending up on the 
street just a bunch of forgotten fools. Now it is their turn to go 
around the corner and become addicted to crack. In the drug dealers 
world they're just another tool. Do not think for a second that this is 
not at all a possible fact. Now it is getting closer, that all to pool 
cue like hit in the back impact. You cannot keep track. Here today gone 
tomorrow. It is not my problem. I cannot do anything to stop this 
sorrow. This is what you say as long as there is money in your bank. 
Maybe I should think of the good aspects in life trust me I do. Another 
girl has a kid, or she aborts, I wonder if she will need support? 
Either way she is still able to make it through school. Another kid's 
parents find a way to pull it through. Still some do get divorced, and 

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