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Classroom Diaries (standard:adventure, 223 words)
Author: Ioan Imirish and Natasha ScottAdded: May 27 2004Views/Reads: 3322/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Yet another gripping narrative featuring your favourtie characters.

‘Today class, Frau Mcdermid-Kurssler will strip the walls of art-work to
replace it with today's asclepion pictures.' Said Frau Robinson-Crueso. 
She walked towards Kian and placed a naked flame photograph  on  his 

Meanwhile, a bat called Freddie [commonly known as Boris] chewed his
owner's gloves up. Later on, Frau Mcdermid-Kurssler dissolved her cat 
in hydrochloric acid just to see what would come up to the lid of her 
face-cream. The nearby atlas was rumbling because it was hungry. 

Frau Chambers-pig-sexy put on the stockings that Natasha had given to
her cat's owners only owner's God. She ate bacon during assembly due to 
absence of Frikadelles. 

Kian took her outside for some loving jiggy-jiggy but she declined his
offer, preferring Natasha's fish's owner's sister's sister's favourite 

The foreplay in Frau Mcdermid-Kurssler's cupboard wasn't truly nice. 

Natasha stole Joe's fiancé and murdered Joe's fiancé's fiancé's special
area (wheelie bins). 

Boris died due entirely to natural suicide: Frau Robinson-Crueso hated
Kian's friend Freddie the frog's pet Boris the frog's significant 
other; Boris the bat. 

Frau Chambers-pig-sexy made a beef-burger flavoured milkshake for
Annabel who ate it all up in three microseconds flat. Annabel soon 
became the most extremely flatulent being ever to waddle the milky-way 
(not the edible one, which was in her tummy) 

And then there were no more frikadelles left. 

The end


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