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Floppy's Revenge (standard:adventure, 255 words)
Author: Ioan Imirish and Natasha ScottAdded: May 27 2004Views/Reads: 3588/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A gripping and fast-paced narrative

One frosty morning, Morag tried to become more evidently helpful towards
her green fingered grandmother. She agreed to regard Molly, her 
tortoise, with more vigorous attention. This resulted in Morag 
committing bigamy in the grand casino across the road in order to 
obtain a nice tin of dog-polish to clean Molly with. Soon after, Molly 
refused to play fetch with Morag, who became ostentatiously jealous of 
granny Jill because the tortoise was fetching for Jill.  For the 
unsubtle revenge Morag decided upon wreaking her garden gnomes and 
refurbishing the interior with calcium-based cheese-strings. 
Understandably granny wasn't upset but devastated instead. To return 
the cheese-strings granny ate Morag's neighbour's dairylea-spread, 
cackling to death. 

New opportunities arose when Chippendales ,the strippers, refused
Monty's offer of tea and coffee to pour Horlicks out of business. 
Floppy Roberts, the steel worker from Nigeria, cycled over wearing a 
tightly fitted vest showing a nipple or two. He blushed when Johnny 
Tybbs wolf-whistled at his fetching Speedos. 

Later, it started lighteninging and thundering, so Floppy decided to
improvise stripping for Johnny. Meanwhile, Morag shot Monty in his 
finger, therefore causing gangrene to take effect. Sadly, Johnny moved 
to Nigeria; so Floppy went home. Molly hibernated for winter fun! 
Meanwhile, all of Morag's cheese-strings were mouldy so she fed Jill 
them causing untimely diarrhoea with side-effects of death.             
 And in the Nigerian Alps Floppy died of a broken heart upon learning 
Johnny was in Switzerland with Molly's brother tortoise. 

The very end of the manuscript By Ioan Imirish and Natasha Francies


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