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A Reason To Smile (standard:poetry, 347 words)
Author: MosesAdded: Jun 11 2004Views/Reads: 2640/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is story poem about a guy whose girlfriend is murdered. He feels guilty about it, but before she dies his girlfriend tells him it's not his fault. When he thinks about this it gives him a reason to smile.

It's been four years since his girlfriend died. 

Numbers can't count the tears that he's cried. 

She'd still be here if only he'd been faster. 

But he wasn't and she became a victim of murder. 

He remembers that day like it was yesterday. 

Just the sight of his girlfriend lying in the doorway. 

Lifeless and in need of medical attention. 

How could he have let this happen? 

She called me but he said he was busy. 

A mistake that cost him the one he loved dearly. 

He called back but the phone kept ringing. 

Someone picked up and he could here her screaming. 

He hanged up and drove there as fast as he could. 

In the back of his head he knew it wouldn't do any good. 

But he wanted to be there for his girlfriend. 

A person that he thought he'd be with until the end. 

Half an hour later he arrived on the scene. 

The door was open and there lied his queen. 

He'll never forget that night in the hospital. 

She had to immediately go to the surgery table. 

Why didn't they take him instead? 

Crazy thoughts were swirling around in his head. 

The surgery was successful but her condition was critical. 

It was doubtful if she'd live through the night at all. 

They said he could go say his final goodbye. 

Because soon she was likely going to die. 

Her eyes were closed but she could here him. 

The atmosphere was one that was grim. 

When he spoke her eyes suddenly opened. 

He took a step back because he was stunned. 

She smiled and started to speak. 

He could feel his knees start to get weak. 

She said "You're the only one I ever loved, 

"And I'll never forget you" 

"Thank you for coming to my rescue." 

"Don't blame yourself for thi..." 

He bent down and gave her a kiss. 

Before she could get out that final word she was gone. 

A moment he'll never forget was done. 

When he sits and thinks about that awhile. 

He finally has a reason to smile. 


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