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NEVER LOOK BACK (standard:drama, 1458 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: March EvansUpdated: Mar 26 2005Views/Reads: 3062/1936Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Divorced Mom permanently sends her 13 yr old son away to live with his truck driving Dad who immediately abandoned the boy.

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but do not let him in the house. The restaurant, where Jack empties 
trash and cleans the grease bins for five dollars a week, gives Butch 
plenty of scraps.  Butch is like a shadow to Jack and goes everywhere 
with him but for some strange reason, Butch always stays out of the way 
of Jack's Mom or any other grown-up that comes around.  Even at ball 
practice, he stays under the bleachers unless someone calls him. 
However, all the coaches and the team like him because Butch can catch 
a football on the fly and will play as long as someone will throw. 

On Saturdays Tom, Butch, and Jack go hiking into the mountains, and one
of the best parts is that Tom's Mom is  always baking them cookies and 
thick sandwiches to take along. And she always sends enough for Butch.  
Jack knew he would miss these Saturdays. 

Now, Jack moved back to reality and knew he had to get in the house and
get packed and make sure Butch's blanket was dry before packing it.  
When he got inside the house and had packed, he heard his Mom really 
getting mad.  His Dad is late and the husband to be has already called 
three times.  But now, you can hear the big diesel eighteen wheeler out 
front coming to a stop with the whistle of the air as the brakes 
release.  Jack went flying out the front door and running up to his Dad 
as he is climbing out of the cab. 

Jack gives his Dad a real big hug as his Dad speaks, "Boy, you sure have
grown.  You are almost big enough to get your own rig. Get your stuff 
and let move on down the road before your Mother comes out and starts 

Jack eagerly replied, "Sure thing, Dad."  He passed his Mom as she came
out of the house screaming, “John Townsey, you son-of-a-bitch, why are 
you two hours late, and I hope like hell you have a check for the child 
support you owe me for!”  And she was heading for the truck in a 
strong, determined walk, with eyes wide open and glaring.  Jack rushed 
back in the house and hurryingly grabbed the boxes he had packed his 
clothes in and called Butch. Jack knew his Mom and Dad would really get 
a fight going. 

He was not fast enough.  By the time he got back to the truck his Mom
and Dad were cussing and screaming at each other nose to nose.  Just as 
he got in and loaded Butch, his Dad got in, shut his door and said, 
"Ain't taking no god-damn hound with me!"  He, in a quick movement, 
grabbed Butch and threw him out the rolled down window. 

In the same motion, he put the truck in gear and mad as hell, he drove
off as fast as possible. Butch hit the payment hard but come up limping 
and trying to catch up with the truck that was taking his friend and 
master away.  Butch was following and now running the best he could 
with the hurt foot.  Jack was crying and screaming at his Dad to stop 
the truck and let him out as he was already opening the truck door and 
was going to jump.  His Dad reached across the inside of the cab, 
grabbed him by the back of the shirt, jerked him hard and roughly 
against the seat, and back-handed the hell out of him and saying, “Kid, 
shut up or I will hit you again.” 

Jack was dazed by the blow and could not move or talk. By the time he
got control of himself, he could not see Butch.  His Dad had knocked a 
tooth out, and it really hurt.  When his Dad saw the tooth and the 
blood he said, "That will make you tough and if you expect to make it 
in this world, you have to get tough." 


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