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NEVER LOOK BACK (standard:drama, 1458 words) [1/2] show all parts
Author: March EvansUpdated: Mar 26 2005Views/Reads: 3018/1906Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Divorced Mom permanently sends her 13 yr old son away to live with his truck driving Dad who immediately abandoned the boy.


By March Evans 

"Dad is picking me up and taking me with him."  Jack boasted, to his
best friend, Tom.  Yea, Tom said, "To ride in one of those big eighteen 
wheelers and go every where has got to be great.  I bet you get to go 
swimming and fishing all over the country!" 

You know, Jack said, “Dad left Mom before I was born, and I seldom get
to see him but now, I am going to live with him.  He's always driven 
those big trucks with a sleeper bed in them, and never really had a 
home that I know of. I do not know where we will live, but Mom told me 
he would work that out. I guess it will not be a problem until school 

But deep down, it is a concern to Jack as to where they will live.  He
knows he and Butch cannot stay in a truck all the time. 

“Tom, you are the best friend I have ever had.  I usually don't get to
have many friends because Mom is always moving us around.  I don't like 
to move, but she tells me it is because she is looking for a better 
job.  But, she just always ends up in another waitress job and bringing 
different men home with her. I think her urge to travel is to try and 
find a husband.” 

Jack now becomes quiet as he looks off into the rolling clouds above as
he thinks to himself, “If only I had some grandparents to go live with 
like some of the other kids.” 

Tom sort of pulls on Jack's jersey and punches him on the arm as he
says, “Quit day dreaming.”  “Oh, sorry about that, I just get lost 
sometimes.”  And then Jack continues with his story to Tom as to why he 
has to go and live with his truck-driving Dad.  “Mom always gets mad if 
I come out of my room when her boy friend is here. Even if it is 
dinner-time, I have to stay in my room and they always make enough 
noise to raise the dead with all their laughing and loud talking.  It 
is worse when they get in bed with all the moaning, groaning and 
bouncing up and down, and since this one has become a regular, last 
night, Mom told me that he wants to marry her. But he does not want to 
be my dad nor does he want me to live with them.  This is when she told 
me she had finally got a call back from Dad and when she told him what 
was happening, he agreed to come and get me. I am not so sure if Dad 
really wants me with him.” 

“Boy that is tough,” said Tom as he kicked a rock across the yard and
looked at Jack and said, “ Your Mother needs to send this new guy 

“Yea, I wish that would happen. I ask her to do that but she told me
that I need to stay with Dad so that we could get to know each other.” 

About that time, Tom hears his Mom call so he gives Jack a grown up
handshake and tells him good bye and be sure to write.  The two friends 
sadly, slowly part with each walking away and not looking back as both 
knew they did not want the other to see him cry. 

Jack now thinks to himself and tries to understand why his Mom and Frank
doesn't want any kids around.  “I am no trouble, I go to school, make 
good grades, clean house, wash all the dishes, have a paper route, and 
don't talk back. Today, I am 13 years old, just finished the 8th grade, 
and really like to play sports. I have grown-up friends all over town, 
and they all tell Mom what a neat kid I am. We have live here longer 
than anywhere, and I have a good friend and the best dog and only pet I 
have ever had, Butch. He again looked down between his feet and sadly 
asked nobody, why do I have to move again?”  He then sunk a little 
lower realizing that since nobody has said, Happy Birthday, he knows, 
nobody really cares. 

Butch had followed Jack home right after they moved here one Saturday
afternoon when he was coming out of the mountains from a hiking trip.  
Hungry, lean, dirty, mangled fur, and looking like he had been dumped 
out in ranch country to fend for himself.  Jack immediately took to 
him.  Gave him a bath, brushed his fur, fixed him a place to sleep, and 
fed him lots of scraps.  Jack's Mom told him it was OK to keep the dog 

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