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Roses are red (standard:horror, 4099 words) [3/3] show all parts
Author: WelisAdded: Nov 22 2004Views/Reads: 2066/1695Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Chapters 4-7

Chapter 4 

John awoke about 8:00 the next morning.  Stretching and smiling, as I
remembered last night.  He turned over to look at Sarah and sat up 
startled when he saw no one.  Where was Sarah?  She probably had a good 
reason to leave.  She probably had work or something else planned that 
she had to do today.  He fell back onto his soft pillow and relaxed 
into the comfortable square cloud.  He smiled to himself and thought 
about the previous night's events and felt good about himself.  It had 
been incredible. 

He got up and got dressed to go to work.  He glanced at the couch as he
past to prepare some coffee before leaving for work.  All of the 
previous thoughts and feelings flooded back into his conscience.  He 
knew what he had to do and he had to do it soon. 

Sarah returned from the dept. store about seven twelve and she pressed
the ‘new messages' button on her answering machine.  “Hey, Sarah.  
Umm... how's your day been?  Umm... mine's been good.  Kind of lonely 
in the office without you.  Well I'm free this weekend if you want to 
go out or do something.  Well, umm... okay.  Call when you get home 
I'll be here.  See you later.”  Sarah walked to the phone and called 
John.  “Saturday at seven, I‘ll be expecting you.” 


He picked her up a little after seven, and walked her to the truck. 
“Where's your car?” 

“I um... picked this up earlier this week, it's better than the car.” 

They sat in John's truck driving back to Sarah's small town from a
delicious dinner in the next city.  Do it, was a voice in his head, 
just do it you know you want to, do it right now!  All of a sudden, 
John pulled off onto the shoulder and turned to Sarah.  He looked at 
her, looked deep into her eyes.   “Marry me.” 


“If you don't want to I'll completely understand.  But, I love you so
much and I had to ask you. I...” 

She leaned over and kissed him.  She pulled away and looked deeply into
his eyes with yet another deeper, newer affection.  “Yes”. 

He smiled back and they kissed.  He put the truck in drive and made a
u-turn back towards the city. 

“I can't believe that we are married!  I just can't believe it.  I mean,
I would have never have thought that I would have eloped and actually 
wanted to.”  She looked at the ring that they had bought in the city, 
snugly perched in its new resting-place, as if to confirm that she was 
indeed wed. 

John smiled to himself as they drove back through the countryside
towards her rural town.  He was more relaxed and comforted sitting next 
to Mrs. John Rolandson.  He liked knowing that they had taken vows to 
spend their entire lives together, through thick and thin.  Yes, it was 
early, but how could two people, who loved each other so much, share a 
bond that was so unexplainably tight, make the wrong decision by 
getting married? He knew it wasn't the wrong decision, and neither did 
she, he hoped.  Sarah was leaned up against him nearly asleep.  John 
was awake, but barely.  He didn't even see the lights of the oncoming 
pick-up.  The screams and the pain snapped him out of the hypnotic daze 
that he seemed to be in. 

When he opened his eyes, he saw nothing but a bright light.  For a
moment, he didn't believe he was there or anywhere on this earth for 
that matter.  The pain came and the suddenness of it was overwhelming.  
He cried out in pain as he pulled himself out of the truck, which was 
severely totaled.  The light he had been blinded upon his awakening was 
the headlights of dark green farmers' truck.  He made his way slowly 
but surely to the other side of the truck find Sarah, limping the way 

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