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The Last Fairy Tale (standard:fairy tales, 281 words)
Author: PhoenixAdded: Jan 08 2005Views/Reads: 4059/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
And so this one saw fit to end all fairy tales...

Once upon a time there was a great hero. He had slain many a giant and
dragon and many other beast that whose bloods make mortal men heroes. 
But this one was of an age where he sought not the thrill of battle 
anymore and now so sought only a wife and child. And after a while the 
hero was wed to one of the fairest of the maidens that a true hero 
should be married to, good or evil. Oh yes, the road of a hero could be 
lead towards darkness, but that is a matter for a different tale to 

And so in the quiet town of Brook the hero made a home for he and his
wife. And shortly after there home was blessed with the face of a well 
child, and all seemed to forget the life of heroing that the hero had 
left behind... 

And these days so lasted for five years of harvest. But in Fate's
malcontent she sent to the quiet Brook a dragon as fierce as any that 
the hero had ever so witnessed and all ran to the house of the hero in 
fear. But the hero had gone to fish in a far away land and so no man 
was able to be saved from the breath of that drake. And when the hero 
returned he found all that he loved in Brook laid to waste. 

Now,as you will find, this hero was not one of much rational thinking.
Only the burn of the loss of his lady and son burned through his mind. 
And he thought for a long while and soon came up with a truly horrible 


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