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Silence??? (standard:Ghost stories, 644 words)
Author: YukonAdded: Apr 21 2005Views/Reads: 3116/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Have you ever been thought you heard someone call you name only to find you are the only one home?


By Yukon 

Nobody ever believes me when I tell them this story, and until recently
I had trouble believing it as well.  But I swear that it is true. I am 
a sceptic.  I do not believe in some one being able to predict you 
future with some strange cards, or a magic ball.  And I didn't believe 
in ghost.  Until April 19th 1998.  I'm not trying to rip off the recent 
movie release White Noise, but their theory on electronic voice 
phenomena is the only thing that can describe what I've heard.  I can't 
remember the reason why the rest of my family had gone away for the 
weekend, possibly down the beach, and had left me and our dog at home.  
But I will never forget being woken in the middle of the night by 
something that isn't supposed to exist. Saturday had been what I guess 
you would call a normal day.  I got up around eleven in the morning, 
had breakfast, and spent the rest of the day lying in front of the TV.  
Around seven in the evening I got off the couch and went hang out at a 
friends place, was home by midnight, and asleep not long after.  I have 
no recollection of what I dreamt about that night, obviously nothing 
special, but I do remember waking up being sure I had been told to let 
the dog go outside.  Still half asleep I went down stairs and walked 
into the living room and saw that Red, the dog, was sound asleep on the 
couch.  It wasn't until this time that I came to realise that I was the 
only one home, and Red still hadn't woken up.  At the time I didn't 
think anything of it and went back to bed, convincing myself that I had 
imagined it. Just as I was going to sleep for the second time that 
night I clearly heard some one call my name.  It wasn't an urgent, or 
even scary sound, it just sounded like some one gently trying to get my 
attention.  After hearing it for the second time, there was no doubt 
that who ever it was had my attention.  Describing what I felt a terror 
is probably going too far, but I can safely say that if I hadn't gone 
to the bathroom just before going back to bed I would have had to of 
change my shorts. After hearing my name for a third time I grabbed my 
hockey stick and turned on every light as I went down stairs.  If some 
one was in the house and was trying to scare me, they were sure going 
to get on hell of a beating.  No one wakes me up in the middle of the 
night for no reason with out paying the price. After I checked the rest 
of the house I finally reached the living room.  This time Red was not 
asleep.  She came to greet me as I walked through the door, and was 
definitely spooked by something.  Her hair was on end and as I moved 
towards the backdoor she didn't leave my side.  As I turned on the back 
lights I half expected, half hoped to see one or more of my friend 
rolling around laughing.  Nothing.  Out side was exactly the same as it 
was when I had gotten up that morning, and the same as when I had gone 
to bed that night. Over the next hour I managed to calm myself down and 
eventually went back to sleep.  The next morning I was still a little 
freaked out but had managed to convince myself I had just imagined it.  
Wanting a change from watching TV I went to turn the radio in the 
living room on.  But it was already on; just the volume had been turned 


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