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The Sorcerers Quest (standard:fairy tales, 1737 words)
Author: writer-in-a-rutAdded: Apr 21 2005Views/Reads: 3431/2257Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a fictional story of a evil, greedy sorcerer named Artevious who manages to sneak into a leprechaun village. then he is told that he only way he can get the magical leprechaun gold is by completeing a certain quest. in the end his feisty actions l

Once upon a time there was a little leprechaun named Seamus. He was
skipped along a winding dirt path in the midst of a dry green forest. 
His tiny green suit with gold-rimmed collars shone in the sun shining 
through pinholes in the forest canopy. Miniature mushrooms sprouted out 
in small clusters, every here and there. As Seamus pranced along, he 
hummed a tune, it was a mesmer to any humans he might encounter on the 
way who would attempt to capture him for his hidden crock of gold. The 
melody echoed through the woods. 

Seamus was thinking about the brand new pair of shoes, which he made and
polished for his dear sister, who waited in their home in the bottom of 
a giant chestnut tree. Seamus' noiseless trod carried him along the 
path until he heard a small cry. He turned, standing on his toes so 
that he could speed away if need be. A young child sat huddled in a 
puddle of tears, cupping her eyes in her hands, sniffling. Her knees 
were dusty and scratched as though she had been crawling long distances 
before stopping. Her sickly pale white skin contrasted the sunny 
greenery of the forest. She wore a short baby blue cover-all dress, 
with small flowers embroidered on the front. Seamus nervously, and 
cautiously approached the girl. He tapped her on the shoulder, and 
soothingly asked: “Where have you come from?” the little girl looked up 
but then timidly put her head in her arms. “I want my mommy,” she said 
through her arms, sniffing. “What's your name?” “Mary” Seamus took her 
hand and raised her off the dusty trail. “Come, we will go to my home 
in the fairy woods.”  He held out his long-fingered hand and together 
the girl and the dwarf skipped on down the path. 

In a while they reached a clearing in the now dark wood, where the
fireflies bobbed about glowing here and there. Out nowhere it seemed, 
more little leprechauns appeared; some holding shoes and polishing 
rags, other sitting outside their trees working on shoes, all stared 
incredulously at the approaching couple. “I'm very sorry, the 
leprechauns of this village stay away from humans, you are the first to 
enter the enchanted forest of the leprechauns in hundreds of years.” He 
explained to the child. 

Suddenly Mary pulled her hand from Seamus' and grabbed his wrist. The
girls hand was not soft and white any longer, but green and warty, a 
long black hair grew out of one of the knuckle moles. Seamus gaped in 
disbelief and confusion as the soft skin of the young girl is shredded 
as the green warty beast tears itself from out of the small body. The 
creature's arms shoot out of the tips of Mary's once tender, squashy 
fingers. The little girl's ragged body lay at the feet of the monstrous 
figure oozing with slime. A long staff materialized into its clenched 
fist. It was rough like bark and black, covered in small thorns. In 
moments, long black robes hung loosely around the shoulders of the 
beast, whose slime had dripped off to reveal a frail, pale green, old 
man. His body webbed with green veins, which bulged out on his fists, 
and neck, and his face was darkened by the hood over his head. 

Everyone knew who this was, not by appearance but by reputation. This
was the powerful sorcerer Artevious, the fairy hunter. He would trap 
small leprechauns who had only just inherited their fortunes and 
torture them into giving up their gold. He would clip their ears, and 
hang them by their long toes. 

Artevious raised his staff up into the sky, and shouted: “Fairy one and
fairy all, Be mesmered by my evil call. For you control the gold I 
seek, But into your town I did sneak. Thou must bow to my demand, And 
do whatever I command.” 

A strange green luminescence drifted out of the white stone caged in the
end of the wooden stick. The eyes of the dwarfs lifted to the glowing 
stone, and as if by force they all started to gather around the 12-foot 
warlock. “Take me to your riches.” the sorcerer boomed in a commanding 
tone. He held out his hand over the heads of the fairies, and waved it 
only slightly. Something caught the wicked wizard's evil gaze. A bright 
white light appeared, but not quite white, something else was there, a 
rainbow-like film shifted, and swirled around the brightening 
apparition. The sorcerer's dark eyes squinted and his shadowed face 
distorted in the intensity of the light. A figure appeared in the midst 
of the pulsing radiance of the shining beam. “Thou hast broken the line 
of magic, The only end for you is tragic. May our fairy powers shield 
From the weapon that you yield.” 

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