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Lost In the Smoke (standard:Satire, 638 words)
Author: littlebitAdded: Jul 29 2005Views/Reads: 4576/2136Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A lost episode of 'Gunsmoke'

Kitty sat at a table in the Long Branch Saloon, her head bowed. 

“There, there,” Doc Adams consoled, “Matt will get ‘em.” 

“I hope he does, but it won't bring Festus back.” 

“No. No it won't. And I'll miss him as much as you, Kitty...more. I
ragged on him all the time, but it was out of fun – I loved the guy. 
And I think he loved me – darn near as much as he loved that raggedy 
old mule of his.” 

David Ellis, Dodge City's banker, laid a hand on Doc's back. “Can I sit
with you guys?” 

Doc looked to Kitty for her reaction. She nodded, and Doc waved David to
a chair. 

“We were talking about Festus,” Doc said. 

“Heard you. We'll all miss him. Didn't have any family, did he?” 

Kitty shook her head. “Nearest thing to a family was Matt, I guess...
Matt and us.” 

“Small wonder,” Doc quipped, needling as if Festus were there, “Given
his unfamiliarity with bathing and such, I'm surprised the mule 

“Doc!” admonished the banker. 

“It's his way of coping,” Kitty defended, “And his way of saying Festus
is still here. Am I right, Doc?” 

Doc nodded, as he lowered his head so that the wetness in his eyes would
not be seen. 

David lamented, “If he'd only waited for Matt before taking on that gang
of misfits.” 

“Nobody could tell him,” Kitty answered, “Just like I couldn't talk Matt
out of taking off after them without a posse. But he'll get them. He's 
never had a motive like this before.” 

“What's he been gone now - six days?” 

“Yes, David.” 

A swell of voices from the street drowned out their conversation, and
the bartender left his duties to push his way to the swinging doors, 
then turned back. “It's Matt,” he announced. 

“Has he got ‘em?” asked Doc. 

“Not with him. He's alone.” 

Matt appeared at the doors, stopped and leaned his weight onto them as
though he would fall if they weren't there. He squinted into the 
smoke-filled room until he spotted Kitty and Doc, then made his way 
through the crowd to their table. 

“Kitty. Doc. David,” he acknowledged as he slumped into a chair. 

“Tell us,” Kitty pleaded, “What happened? Did you get them?” 


“Dead or alive?” 

“They're alive, right enough.” He nodded, and then shook his head. 

“What then? Exhausted? Missing Festus? What?” 

Matt shook his head again. “Kitty... all... you're not gonna believe
this. I disarmed them and escorted them over to the Federal lockup at 

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