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A Glass Menagerie (standard:romance, 1765 words)
Author: simplitisAdded: Aug 12 2005Views/Reads: 3385/2248Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's about a girl and a guy, each with a story of a heartbreak.

A lone asian man walks with his eyes firmly planted on a little book and
unknowingly steps on something. Feeling something breaking under his 
feet, soon or instantaneously, accompanied by the sound of something 
cracking, and his unbreaking concentration, marred by a girl in a pink 
mini skirt, caught, from the corner of his eyes, twisted by fate, he 
stops dead in his track, pauses, then smiles. 

Interrupted, he looks down to see the shattered pieces of a glass

"Cell phone decoration" he muses. 

"Poor little glass menagerie, who has the misfortune of being your

"Poor little glass menagerie, shattered pieces and jagged edges, how
will you sooth again?" 

Then the man, interrupted from the muses of his musings, slightly rolls
his eyes upwards with not the slightest movement of his head, sees the 
little pink mini skirt fumbling about and about as if searching for a 
lost glass menagerie. 

"Mmmm, 'tis fate or chance that I have been interrupted, now thrice from
my musings. This pink, colored, little mini skirt and this glass 
menagerie. Once more." 

The man leaves the shattered pieces, the jagged edges, and walks toward
the little pink mini skirt. 

With not a confidence, of a man trapped in his musings, the muses, yet,
once again, he looks at the pink mini skirt, up, and is greeted by a 
smile of his own musings, or hers. Yet, a smile. 


"Hi" she says to him. 

"Hello" he says to her. 

"By chance or fate, are you looking for a glass menagerie?" 

"Yes! I've been searching about!" she extends her hand, palm up, fingers

The lone asian man looks perplexed or rather hexed and he frowns. What
of it? The little glass menagerie, what of it? And he turns his head 
around, looking back down the road he just traveled. And his head snaps 
back at the sound of the girl in the pink mini skirt. 

"Call me Jade." 

"I'll call you Jade. Call me Min." 

"Jade, I've had the misfortune of being the one who has been interrupted
by a shattered glass menagerie, and of it, I am the culprit. Please, 
don't look like that. Don't look so sad." 

Shattered pieces and jagged edges of the glass menagerie, please, don't
look sad. 

"I'm sorry. That was a present from my lost love, and now, why should it
make me feel sad?" 

"Why should it, why must it, why, why, why is a question that I have
asked myself, too. But right now, I would like to know how and how we 
might get to know each other. On this beautiful day, a girl, in a pink 
mini skirt with a shattered heart, should not be spending her time 
alone." says Min, half musing, half asking, half expecting, not half 

Jade looks at Min, perplexed, brows furrowed, a frown. A frown? Brows
furrowed, lips slightly apart, and a sigh. A sigh? 

"Min, I have an appointment in an hour or so. You broke my glass

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