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College Life (standard:non fiction, 752 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Nov 13 2005Views/Reads: 20972/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
My story is about starting a new college and what college life is like. It written in the form "A day in the life of" and its purpose is to give an insight into college and encourage school leavers to give it a go.

College Life 

Starting at a new college without all of my friends was something that
was worrying me. But it was finally here; today was the day that I 
started at East Norfolk Sixth Form College. My emotions were all over 
the place. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I felt scared, 
excited, worried and nervous, all at the same time.  My stomach was 
turning at the thought of having to go to a new place, where everything 
was unfamiliar to me, but my parents were there to reassure me. I felt 
like I needed more than just reassurance, but it was down to me to find 
out how to manage. 

I left my house at precisely 8.30am. My journey to college was only a
short one but all the time I was worrying. My head was spinning with 
thoughts like- am I too early? Am I going to be late? Where do I go 
when I arrive? Who am I going to hang around with?  By this time my 
heart was beating so hard I could hear it. Then, the sound of a bell. 
The bus stopped and I got off. I had finally arrived at college. 

I walked towards the college where there were groups of people, all just
waiting together. I did not know any of them. I felt so lonely and 
scared all on my own, but I realise that there were others in my 
situation, so I waited patiently. Slowly the groups of people started 
to move a door, so I followed. I ended up in my allocated classroom 
where I entered and sat down. I was so nervous by now. Slowly the room 
began to fill with other people, my new classmates. One girl came and 
sat next to me. She introduced herself. This was my first new friend. 
As we got talking I relaxed a little and my fears began to gradually 
disappear. College was not so bad after all!. 

As the day went on I made plenty of new friends. I realised that
everyone was in the same situation. Although they had friends in the 
college, they were not always with them. Knowing this made me feel much 
better and I was even starting to enjoy college. When lunch and break 
times came I met up with my new friend who introduced me to her 
friends, who were all really friendly and welcoming. I felt so calm and 
relaxed; it was like I had been there before. I felt as though I 
finally fitted in. 

Getting to know the college was the most difficult thing to do as I did
not know where anything was. But I soon learnt and my daily routine 
just fell into place. 

Everyday I get on the bus at 8.45am. Once I arrive at college I go into
the common room to meet up with my friends. We have a chat and do all 
the normal things that people our age do!!! Then we spilt, got to our 
lessons and meet up again at break and lunch. Lunch time is great! I 
use it as time to socialise and relax, before its back to college for 
more lessons. College finishes at 3.55pm, so its back on the bus and 
home for me. I arrive home at 4.15pm, so I still have time to do things 
that I want to do. I absolutely love college now! 

Lots of people think that college is all about work, all of the time,
that its really difficult and that you have no time for anything else. 
But I know that is not strictly true. I also know that college is not 
easy, but it is the best place to be. I am here because I want a career 
and college is the only way that I can achieve it. I am not alone now. 
College has helped me gain self confidence, make new friends and 
develop other important skills. Before I started here I was so worried 
that I was going to be on my own, but look at me now!!! I have lots of 
new friends, and I am really enjoying what I am doing. Don't be put off 
college, it's brilliant and you will love it when you start, I did!! 

I did not think that I would like college and enjoy it as much as I am,
but I do, and I am so glad that I decided to give it a try and so 
should you! 


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