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Why does this happen? (standard:poetry, 292 words)
Author: P S ArjunAdded: Dec 26 2005Views/Reads: 3170/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Loving is the sweetest thing in this world! If u hav somebody to love, u wil feel as if u hav everybody, els..? Nothing , nobody....

"                 Wherever I go, wherever I look 

All faces are like strangers 

Everything of mine was left on this shore 

Some people won and took everything away, winning 

The one whose allotment was defeat is me 

I never thought that someone will come, whom I can call my own? 

I never thought that someone will come, whose heart I can stay? 

How lovely has God made you 

I want to keep  looking at it. 

Like the rain drops which touches the ground deceiving the clouds, 

She fall on me. 

Since love has happened to me 

This world has become beautiful 

In the wind there is a unique freshness 

From heaven she has come,Beautiful is her face. 

There cant be another like that in the whole wide world. 

Hope i dont go mad ,getting lost in Her talks. 

In my heart I am creating dreams, 

This world has become beautiful. 

I have desired you, I will desire you at every way 

Even upon death this love from my heart will not iminish 

Hope i dont go mad ,getting lost in your talks. 

I am yours, take whatever vows you want from me 

Give your sorrows to me. 

My life , it is only your story, 

Once again, distances come close to you 

Why does this happen, my eyes cries, 

When your memory comes, my tears flow. 

You are not with me,now!. 

Those words of yours, those actions of love, 

I miss everything badly. 

Those words, those promises, 

I am living on that. 

Right now there is a season of separation, 

I dont want it to stay for a moment. 

Since you are not beside me, 

In big crowds a feel a loneliness. 

Why does this happen, my heart cries 

These words become helpless" 


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