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Dreaming of You (standard:romance, 1770 words)
Author: KharyBAdded: Feb 08 2006Views/Reads: 3214/1986Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A dream that reminds a person of how much they love someone else

As I open my eyes, the light blinds me. It's cold where I lay.
“Hospital, I hate hospital's” I think as I try to recognize something 

It had been six months since I seen her face, but it was the last thing
I remember. Searching the room, I notice three sleeping faces. Chairs 
and a couch were their beds. They looked worn out, like they had been 
through a lot. “He's awake.” The relieved female walks to the side of 
my bed as an older woman awakens to the good news. “I thought I would 
never get to see those brown eyes again. Were you trying to leave me?  
If you were, I would have to fuck you up.” “She would have to fuck me 
up” I thought in my head. “I don't even know this bitch.” Who is this 
girl and why does she know me and I don't remember her? I tried to open 
my mouth but there was a tube in my throat. 

“Hey Mr. Jarvis” the older woman said. “Why do you enjoy putting me
through so much stress boy? I'm supposed to be on my honeymoon with my 
new husband.” I had no idea what she was talking about, but here face 
looked familiar. I had to get this tube out of my mouth. I didn't know 
these people or how I got here. 

“I see he's awake.” “Yes doctor, he just woke up” replied the older
woman. “Yeah, I think he was faking the whole thing” said the first 
lady. Let us call her LADY X. 

Here I lay in this hospital bed. All I can remember is this unknown
face. It's been six months since I seen her face and it's the last 
thing I remember. “Let's get this tube out of your mouth, you seem to 
be breathing ok on your own” the black doctor said. It felt like a had 
a stick down my throat cause when he took out the tube, my throat felt 
ten times smaller. “Water, I need water” were my first words. LADY X 
quickly replied “I'll get you some baby.” There was so much mucus in my 
mouth I could spit it up for weeks. 

“How do you feel” the older lady, let us call her LADY A, asked with
sincerity. “Like shit. What happened” I replied. “You don't remember?” 
Sarcastically I replied “apparently not.” She told me the story. “Well 
about a month ago you were driving on the freeway when a guy cut you 
off. You blew the horn which really pissed him off. He started hitting 
the brakes in front you to make you crash. When you switched lanes to 
get on the side of him, probably to talk shit right?” “Don't know but 
probably” was my reply. “Well when you got on the side of him, he 
pulled out a gun a shot into your car. You got shot in the chest. You 
passed out. The car veered into the trailer of an 18 wheeler which 
dragged you about 700feet down the highway. The truck driver was so 
drunk, he thought he hit a deer and kept driving with a car hanging out 
his ass. When the car got loose, it struck 5 other cars before catching 
on fire in a ditch. By the grace of god someone saved you from the 
burning wreckage. Even though you can't feel it right now because of 
the drugs, you had 3rd degree burns on your leg, two broken ribs, and a 
gun shot wound in the stomach, a fractured skull, and a long scratch on 
your back. The doctor said you had lost so much blood you were going to 
die without a miracle. I guess our prayers got answered.” 

“Here's your water boo. I got some ice because I know my baby loves it”
said LADY X as she walks back into the picture.  As I drank the ice 
water, I could feel the mucus break up like water on cotton candy. 
“DADDY” the girl lying on the couch said as she came running to the 
side of the bed. “I missed you so much. We didn't finish reading 
Charlotte's Web. I want to know what happens at the end. When are you 
going to finish reading it with me?” This little girl is obviously my 
daughter, let's call her PRINCESS. “I don't know baby, when daddy gets 
better I guess.” PRINCESS gave me a big smile and said “well I brought 
with me so no excuses daddy.” “Ok baby” I replied. “PRINCESS come on 
lets let nana and the doctor talk to daddy. Let's go get ice cream. Doc 
isn't there a cafeteria in the other building” LADY X asked. “Yes it on 
the 5th floor. “ They both turned around and headed for the cafeteria. 
Now it's just LADY A, the doc and I. 

I really don't like hospitals. I can remember being at the hospital and
seeing people who died not soon after. I always felt like if I went to 
see someone in the hospital, they would die. I totally halted visiting 
people in the hospital. I wonder if I was there when my daughter was 
born. “How are you feeling Mr. Rolax?” “I don't know doc, confused” I 
said sarcastically. “Are you in any pain?” “Yes, my chest hurts and so 

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