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leaving (standard:adventure, 715 words)
Author: ChloeAdded: Apr 03 2006Views/Reads: 3052/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
this is a story about two girls who decide to leave home but dont realize what it is like to live out of home

“Leave me alone, I'm leaving and never coming back”, cried Amanda as she
yelled at her mother “FINE you want to leave go pack your things and 
go!”  Amanda then called her best friend Abby and told her about how 
her mum and her dad were the worst people in the world and that she was 
leaving. Amanda and Abby were both 17 and Abby lived with her big 
sister and Amanda lived with her parents, which she absolutely hated.  
Abby then said to Amanda “lets leave this town and never come back”. 

That's was it they had both made up their minds they were going to leave
and never come back. 

They organised to meet at the closest train station and they were going
to move to the furthest place the train would take them. They got on 
the train with all their savings in their pocket, which added up to 
1000 dollars all up with both their money together. 

They were on the train for about 3 hours and when there was practically
no one on the train you heard the train diver speak “last stop Paradox” 
the girls got off to find that this was most probably the worst place 
they gave ever been. There were people their scabbing money off people 
that just got off the train and homeless people all over the place. 
Amanda and Abby thought the same thing ‘this is wrong I want to be back 
home'. But they both knew that they hated it back there and any place 
was better than back there, plus they only thought this thought and 
they didn't want to admit that they were scared to each other. The 
walked around and found a hotel that they could stay in for a while it 
was really cheap only 20 dollars a night so they were pleased. 

They set up their stuff in the room, which wasn't that bad it was decent
for what they were paying for it. They heard screaming from outside and 
yelling too. They didn't like it but they learnt that they had to deal 
with it. They went to sleep that night and woke up to a bright sunny 
day and within 20 minutes of being awake they heard yelling a screaming 
all over again. They put up with the screaming and yelling and fights 
that happened at least3 times a night, for a whole week. They then 
confessed to each other that they both wanted to go back home and they 
both did want to and they had their things packed to leave and go home 
but when they got to the train station they realised that there was no 
train station it had been shut down due to bad behaviour and the trains 
were not running any more. They both collapsed into each other's arms 
and cried hey really missed home and they didn't even know where they 
were. All of a sudden a man from behind them came up and asked them 
what was wrong. They answered with “we are lost and we want to go 
home”. The man said I have a truck and I am heading that way and 
pointed the way that they came from. They looked at each other and they 
both knew that they had nothing to loose so they got in the truck with 
the man and they were on the way back home. They got to the town next 
to their hometown and suddenly BOOM! A car had hit onto the back of the 
truck Amanda had looked at Abby ad Abby didn't say a word “ABBY” Amanda 
cried out Abby still didn't make a noise Amanda went over to Abby and 
felt under her nose, she wasn't breathing Amanda then felt for a 
heartbeat...and couldn't feel one. She cried, as she knew that her best 
friend was dead and it was half her fault. 

If she didn't call her that nite and organise to leave and never come
back all this would never have happened. 

A few weeks later Abby's family had her funeral and Amanda wasn't there.
Months later Amanda still didn't go home. Amanda had left forever with 
no one knowing where she had gone or why she had gone. 

By Chloe Anne Ellison 20/03/2006 


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