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When You Recieve a Rose (standard:other, 322 words)
Author: L.M.PenswickAdded: Jun 04 2006Views/Reads: 3001/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A short piece of descriptive writing for my mother. We were having a rough time so I sat down ans wrote this for her.



As the world falls into its melancholy winter slumber, the flowers of
the sun fade away, just ghostly mists of memory in the air. That is 
when it arrives...the season of coldness and emptiness, where cheer and 
happiness seem as far away as the distant spring, the time where many 
seek refuge in their homes, to sit beside their warm fireplaces that 
cast their eerie charm into the everlasting night. 

The universe seems bleak and hapless compared to the cheery, alluring
months of summer. Even as the rain cries down its crescendo, like the 
music of a piano. Yes even then, against the inky blanket of black 
velvet sky, there is a glow of crimson. Through the sleet and the hail, 
standing alone, glowing as bright as summer itself, is the rose. 

It is the winter jewel; its droplets of rain lying obliviously
perfect...the tears of heaven. Unaware of its radiance in the world of 
bitter gray, as though God made one flawless creation. 

And even when the world around seems to crumble into thee seemingly
endlessness of winter, the rose will always bloom. With the same fire 
and beauty it always had, the symbol of friendship, love, sorrow and 
grief. Always the most beautiful during ones time of need, when 
everything else appears unwanted and superfluous. 

And as the rain falls down from above, resting upon the tender petals of
blood, it is to remind us that there is indeed, a higher place, that 
from every evil there is always greatness. It is a remembrance that 
from even the bitterest winter comes a perfect creation. 

A rose is perfect, ultimate, that battles against the storm, that blooms
when hope is lost, when the world is lying dead and forgotten. When you 
receive a rose you have achieved that perfection, when you receive a 
rose you are forever, when you receive a rose it is a 
are loved


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