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Behind It's Silver Face (standard:romance, 1393 words)
Author: KoiyuAdded: Jun 16 2006Views/Reads: 2876/1956Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Clair de Lune is a matured 13-year old who lives on the moon. Her step mom's a witch, her friend's insane, and she's engaged to the moon's eldest prince. Lune's very surprised by this sudden change in her life, but what's with all the drama?

Author's notes: Well, I'd like to say that it's kinda pathetic of be
starting a story when I know this'll be a dumb... anyhows, enjoy if you 

Disclaimer: This story is not all mine. Like 50% of this story is my
friend's. She helped me create this story, and I owe her. 

Behind it's Silver Face Chapter One: Clair de Lune 

Like all fairy tales start, this one begins a long, long time ago.  But
unlike most stories, this story takes place on the moon, to a girl 
named Clair de Lune. Lune's name meant ‘moonlight' in French. The name 
suited her well. Just like the moon's light, her hair was a silver'ish 
color that had natural streaks of light blond. Her eyes were a silver 
color as well, but they had golden specks painted delicately in them. 
She had a defined figure that was not of a 12 year old, and attracted 
males of all sorts. Though she was beautiful, she was also very poor, 
and had an evil step mother, who abused and showed her much 
discrimination. This lady was name Mala. 

Mala had taken Lune under her wings when she had found Lune on the
borders of the Emperor's castle. Lune had only been 4 at the time and 
was lost and afraid. Then, Lune had light blonde hair that extended 
only to her shoulders. She wore a silk dress on and dragged a blankie 
that had a picture of a moon on it. You had to admit, she was adorable! 
It was all down hill after their first encounter... that is if you're 
not Lune. 

Mala was a witch. And I mean literally. She cast spells, hexes, and
other things. Mala was a witch with looks as well. She had long, curly 
jet black hair which she kept tied up in some fashion most of the time. 
The woman had eyes the color of coal and she always wore black dresses. 

One day, the news was announced that the Queen of the Moon was murdered.
The King was shocked. He lost a daughter, and now a wife? The King's 
life was a tragedy. But one year later, he saw Lune come into his 
castle. She caught the eye of the King and he was bedazzled by her 
ethereal beauty. 

"Miss, are you by any chance married?” asked the King emotionlessly.
Lune blushed by this question, and the man next to the King raised an 

“I am not, your highness.  I am far too young.” She replied with the
same emotionless tone. She was angered by this question. Why in the 
friggin world would this king be interested in her? 

“Well, you must be 16? 17 maybe?” The king suggested in a more
interested voice. He leaned forward and almost smiled. 

“No, I am not. I am the mere age of 13, Milord. I am pure, born in
raised in the village of Munar, and no, I have no lovers. Have I 
answered all you questions?” Lune replied sarcastically with a forced 
smile. This must have embarrassed the king, because he liked to be 
right. The king smiled a genuine smile and announced “AH! A wonderful 
girl you are! I betroth you to my son!”  The King stood up and pushed 
the man beside his throne to Lune. 

“WHAT???” The two teens practically screamed. Lune scanned the prince. 

He was youthful looking and looked about 15. The prince had midnight
black hair that had a shaggy style that looked quite modern and cool. 
His eyes were a bright royal purple color that had a magical look to 
it. The prince wore a white robe with black designs on the bottom that 
faded as it got higher up. Underneath he wore a grey tunic with the 
family crest on it; obviously a crescent. He had a slender, almost 
girlish figure that reminded her of a girl she knew from her village. 
But his muscularity threw her off. 

Lune blushed when the king brought her hands to the prince's. She looked
at the prince and saw that he was flushing! Lune reddened a deeper 
shade and pulled her hand away form the prince gingerly. She missed his 
warm touch when her wand was far from his. 

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