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Brownies On The Steps (standard:humor, 1414 words)
Author: Amy BuchananAdded: Aug 14 2006Views/Reads: 3113/2103Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A nonsense story about mysterious brownies.

In a small town amongst peaceful green hills, nothing of importance ever
happened. A dog lying in the road obstructing traffic made major news. 
Everyone was either friends or related to each other and there was 
never a squabble. Sometimes there was an occasional disagreement on the 
count of marshmallows in hot chocolate at the family restaurant. 

You can envision this town as laid back, time slowed to a crawl. One
morning a strange happening appeared on the steps of the town hall. The 
objects seen on the steps by the mayor when he arrived were not strange 
in themselves. They were strange as to the reason why they were placed 
there. The objects were a dozen brownies placed on a pink dishcloth. 

The mayor was puzzled but there was no alarm as of yet. He thought that
perhaps someone had given him a present. He picked up the brownies and 
placed them on his desk. He thought it was best to solve this mystery 
before he ate the brownies. No evil tidings or criminal acts usually 
happened in the village. Perhaps a passing stranger wanted to pull a 
prank and laced the brownies with laxative. 

The mayor questioned the town hall employees. They were blank as to the
reason why the brownies were placed on the steps. Not one of them had 
even baked brownies in awhile. The mayor knew all the employees well, 
as they were personal friends of his with no reason to lie about 
mysterious brownies. 

The mayor thought it was best to ask the sheriff to help him solve the
brownie caper. They went to the local pub and questioned the patrons. 
These patrons were so nice and did not drink too much grog. They never 
wanted to suffer the horror of running down someone's dog or cat in a 
drunken fashion. None of the patrons of the pub had placed brownies on 
the steps of the town hall. They had no idea who had done this deed. 
The sheriff and the mayor next went to the shoebox-sized post office. 
No one there had any idea who the brownie culprit was. They then went 
to the family restaurant. No brownies had been baked or eaten there in 
two weeks. 

Soon the brownie caper turned into a full investigation. Local
volunteers were recruited to help with the investigation. The mayor did 
not look on this with a good light. He thought it extremely rude for a 
person to leave brownies on the town hall steps without indicating who 
they were or the reason for their prank. 

Every home was visited and every oven peered into. Every pan, bowl,
mixing spoon, measuring spoon, and measuring cup was sniffed for 
brownie odor. Garbage bags were searched for discarded brownie mix 
boxes, baking cocoa containers, cracked eggs, cooking oil bottles, and 
wrappers from sticks of margarine. Everyone's eating habits were 

The nice townspeople were mildly irritated at these intrusions. A town
where nothing important happened suddenly had something to discuss. The 
townspeople were of the opinion that the mayor was obsessed. Just let 
it go they pleaded with the mayor. Throw those brownies in the trash. 
By this time the brownies had stiffened to the consistency of bricks. 

The mayor could not let it go. He had to discover the culprit. Perhaps,
he pleaded the person responsible might not be contented with just a 
one batch of brownies.  Brownies might crop up on steps all over town. 
The culprit might not stop there. What if cakes, cookies, bread, rolls, 
biscuits, or muffins were left next? It might become a hazard. What if 
this culprit decided to place a plate of cookies on a dark porch at 
night? An elderly person taking out the trash might trip over it and 
break their hip. At this well thought out reasoning, the townspeople 
had to agree with their mayor. They whole heartily endorsed their mayor 
and urged him to continue the investigation. 

The mayor placed a plea with a major city newspaper. He urged the
culprit to come forward and confess. He offered the award of a free 
dinner at the family restaurant, the best food in the world. If the 
culprit came forward, he or she would be forgiven. 

Time went by and no one owned up to the brownie caper. The brownie caper
soon became gossiped about throughout the state. It soon appeared in 
the national news. With all this coverage no one still confessed. 

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