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My Magical Morning Drive (standard:Inspirational stories, 1231 words)
Author: AMY B.Added: Aug 25 2006Views/Reads: 6517/1968Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
I wrote this one day after experienceing a drive i did every morning to work. I awoke to the fact we take things for granted and don't pay attention to the small beautiful things that surround us everyday. Especially Mother Nature.

" My Magical Morning Drive" 

Early one morning as I drove to work down a road I traveled many times
beforeI suddenly realized the quiet subtle beauty that surrounded me.I 
was like a blind person seeing for the first time. The road I travel is 
a long winding curvy one,and around each curve was like  unwrapping a 
surprise gift. The gentle curves of the road makes you slow down enough 
for you to look in awe if you choose, at all the beautiful things that 
is our's to look at like a giant painting that we are part of. 

I was coming down off a high hill,as I looked through my windshield,I
decided to slow down some, so I could absorb this magnificent view. 
There was a light fog that morning drifting around, you could see 
billowy sensuous soft fingers of mist as it seemed to wrap itself 
around the curvy road, as if it was saying " right this way for 
unforgettable and up coming attractions.Autumn had set in,and 
everything was blazing with color! 

The trees were beginning to drop their heavy bounty of leaves, leaving a
carpet in shades of rich orange's gold's', and yellow's around their 
trunks.I saw a large flock of birds fly over head migrating south.I 
silently said to them" Good by for now, see you in the spring.I looked 
to my left and there stood a herd of spotted cow's.They had what looked 
like jigsaw puzzle shape pieces haphazardly stuck on them in black and 
white. They had little fingers of mist silently almost lovingly winding 
around their legs. 

The light shifting shadow's of mist was beginning to lift up into the
bright early morning  orange sunrise, that was climbing higher with 
lavender and pink puffy clouds hanging around it as if protecting 
it.Just that sunrise alone was a show in itself.I could feel its soft 
warmth on my face as it came through my windshield.The morning sunray's 
was shifting through the brightly colored tree's, making the tiny 
fingers of mist twist and turn like in a dance,like it was alive and 
trying to run and hide. 

As I turned down another curve,I looked off to my right there was the
fence that held in two beautiful brown horses that always's were 
standing together as mates watching the road, unruffled as a noisy 
truck roared by going the opposite direction.    I wondered briefly, if 
he also was looking at this early morning view as a gift, and slowly 
unwrapping it as I was ? I could see off in the distance a small pond 
with long ropey,wispy fingers of mist racing around it, in a slow 
gyrating dance protecting its contents. 

Another flock of birds flew over the sunrise pink sky,and the
saying,"Birds Of A Feather Flock Together" ran through my head, and I 
had to laugh at myself for being silly. I had my radio very low during 
this time of Magic, and the soft music just  seem to fit with my nature 
view that I was so honorably picked that magical morning to see. I also 
remembering swerving around a dead skunk on the road,I wrinkled my 
nose, and another song popped into my head, "Dead Skunk Laying in The 
Middle Of The Road"I laughed again, I marveled at how such a beautiful 
small black and white fury little creature can smell so bad!! Like it 
was saying in its last dying breath!There!take that why don't ya! Bet 
you wont forget me now!! 

I passed the little Grave Yard with the quaint little church of days
gone by, and remembered  my childhood, and going to a little church 
much like it,in days of much simpler times. The graveyard is well cared 
for.I can see flower's placed on markers by loved ones left 
behind.There was little fingers of mist swirling around the head stones 
looking ghostly,as the sun bounced its orange rays of light off the  
stained glass windows of the church in a dazzling display of dancing 
colors. As I slowly went down the hill I could see the town way 
below,as  mist moved like rolling waves around one red dot and one 
yellow dot I knew to be the towns Water towers. 

As the fog lifted up,it looked like blue smoke hanging in balance
against the line where land and sky meet.I knew in my heart no artist 
brush  could capture this beautiful display to hold forever on a 
canvas. It was just too fickle it changed each time I dared too blink!I 
was elated when I saw two large deer along the road. I slowed down even 
more!Just to drink into my thirsty soul their beauty! It touched my 
heart! The deer quickly moved off into the under brush to  saftey. 

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