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The Plan (standard:drama, 1165 words)
Author: msAdded: Sep 20 2006Views/Reads: 3010/2032Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Joe Barnes has a plan for revenge.

THE PLAN by Marc Sangalli 

Joe Barnes had a plan. 

He tried to look casual as he approached his boss' office.  Joe sighed. 
It was not easy looking casual when your heart was pounding and your 
hands were sweaty.  He looked around cautiously.  No one was noticing 
how nervous he was. 

With another sigh, he was both irritated and comforted by the thought
that no one ever noticed Joe Barnes.  “Besides,” he thought as he 
chuckled, “people were often nervous when they approached Mitchell 
England's office.”  Mitchell was a ruthless and selfish executive at 
Montgomery State Bank. 

This was the first time in quite a while that Joe was nervous about
seeing Mitchell England.  Frequently he was angry or frustrated on the 
way to his boss' office.  More often than not, however, he was 
embarrassed and humiliated as he left. 

“Mitchell England used to make me very nervous,” Joe thought.  Pausing
outside the office door, his mind drifted backwards about 13 years. 

One day after school (Junior High). 

“Hey guys, look, it's jittery Joe,” Mitchell England called to his
buddies.  “Hey Joe, how many shirts do you have like that?  Oh yeah, 
it's the same shirt as yesterday.”  Mitchell and his buddies laughed 
like this was the funniest thing they had ever heard.  They always did. 

“Hey Joe, let me freshen-up your shirt for you.” Mitchell then punched
Joe in the stomach.  “You look better already,” Mitchell said as he 
laughed some more. 

Joe was silent during the hazing.  He had learned that anything he said
would just prolong the teasing and the beating. 

“At least that toughened me up enough to play football,” Joe thought. 
Second string quarterback for a 5A Texas High school was an 
accomplishment he was proud of.  His work ethic and patience helped him 
to walk-on at Texas A&M and eventually won him a football scholarship.  
Not all of his memories of football were pleasant, though.  His mind 
drifted again. 

Montgomery High School Tigers vs.  Wislon Wolverines. 

Joe was dreading the game.  The wolverines were favored to win by 30
points.  The wolverines always won.  They were bigger, faster and 
meaner.  “This is one time I will be glad to be on the sideline, “Joe 

“Don't get too comfortable Joe,” Mitchell said after bumping Joe
forcefully with his shoulder pads on his way to the field for their 
first offensive play.  Joe ignored him.  He had long since stopped 
paying attention to Mitchell's insults. 

The starting quarterback, Mitchell England, took the snap, dropped back
to pass and was quickly sacked.  The trainers and coaches rushed out 
when Mitchell was slow to get up.  After several minutes, Mitchell 
jogged off the field holding his right arm with his left. 

“Joe,” coach yelled, “You're in.”  Joe put on his helmet,  took a deep
breath and started for the field. 

“Have fun!” Mitchell laughed as he again put his shoulder into Joe,
causing Joe to stumble onto the field.  Everyone laughed.  Everyone 
laughed except Joe and his coach. 

“Get a move on Barnes,” coach yelled. 

Joe looked back briefly to see Mitchell waving at him with his right
arm.  That's when Joe understood what Mitchell had meant earlier. 

Joe took a beating that day.  He lost track of how many times he was

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