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Thomas's garden (standard:drama, 4168 words)
Author: scotslassAdded: Sep 22 2006Views/Reads: 2582/1778Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Thomas loves to play in the garden but what seems to be just a child's imagination, turns into near disaster.

Thomas's eyes were bright and clear as he sat near the pond and a gentle
breeze tussled his blond hair. He played in the garden everyday and the 
pond was his favourite place. He would sit and watch the frogs jumping 
from one lily pad to the other and sometimes his other friends would 
come out and play. He was always happy when they came. They were 
special and Thomas didn't share them with anyone else. He was five 
years old and would be starting school in another three weeks. He 
wondered what his friends would do while he was at school and whether 
they would still come when he got home. He was lost in his thoughts 
when a voice said “Boo!” A smile lit up his face as he turned around. 
“Ellie!” “Hello Thomas” Ellie said “I have brought Tammy with me 
today.” Thomas watched with delight as they hovered in front of him. 
The colours in their wings were wonderful; blues, greens and yellows 
glittered with the sunshine. He remembered the first time he saw Ellie, 
he was amazed at the little figure that sat on a lilypad next to a 
green frog. They had seemed to be talking to each other and he had 
rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Then Ellie flew over 
and sat on his shoulder. He found he wasn't scared of her and laughed 
when her wings tickled his ears. She had whispered in his ear “How 
would you like to sit on a rainbow?” Thomas's eyes had lit up as he 
answered yes. Ellie told him to close his eyes as she put her tiny hand 
in his and then he felt himself floating away across a clear blue sky. 
Birds flew passed and squawked a greeting that Ellie seemed to 
understand as she answered them. Then he had seen the rainbow. He was 
awed at the sight of it. He had seen rainbows after the rain but never 
been this close to one. Ellie had guided him to the top of it and they 
sat and looked at the world way below them. Thomas could see fields for 
miles and Ellie had pointed out his house. He had giggled with delight 
and when he looked up the fluffy white clouds seemed to caress him 
gently as they passed overhead. He had wanted to stay there with his 
new friend but he had heard his mother calling him to come in for 
lunch. Suddenly he was back, sitting next to the pond where he had 
first seen Ellie. Ellie had promised to come again and he had gone 
inside the house. Ellie came whenever she chose to. Once in a while she 
would bring another friend with her. Sometimes she never came for days 
and it upset him. His mother noticed his mood change a couple of times 
but had put it down to him not having any friends to play with, but 
thought that would change when he started school. 

“Hello Tammy” Thomas said. Looking at Ellie, he asked ‘what can we do
today?” Ellie thought for a moment, “Have you ever been to the bottom 
of the pond?” Thomas shook his head as he looked down into the pond. 
“There's nothing there” “Oh yes there is” Tammy answered him “there are 
many things in a pond you don't see” The pond didn't look too deep and 
Thomas thought it would fun to see what was down there. “Okay” he 
replied. “Take your shoes of” Ellie told him. He took his shoes of and 
placed them neatly side-by-side and tucked his socks inside them, and 
then he followed Ellie and Tammy into the pond. The water was cool and 
he shivered slightly as they went to the bottom of the pond. Thomas 
opened his eyes; he saw tiny tadpoles swimming past and water snails 
feeding off the reeds and the goldfish that his mother had put in 
darted in and out of the rocks. He looked around for Ellie and Tammy 
but he had lost sight of them. All of a sudden he started to feel short 
of breath and gasped, taking in a mouthful of water. He found himself 
thrashing around and when he tried to stand his feet slipped on the 
muddy bottom. The more he thrashed, the more water he swallowed. He 
felt a burning deep inside and it was painful and struggled desperately 
to get out but everything started to go black and he silently screamed. 
The words just got lost among the reeds. 

“Thomas! Thomas! Where are you?” his mother called. She had called him
twice from the house but he never came so she went down the garden to 
look for him. She saw his shoes before she even got to the pond and 
ran, screaming his name. Their next-door neighbour Mr Murray heard her 
screams and came running. Without hesitating he jumped into the pond 
and searched for him. He dragged Thomas's limp body out of the pond and 
yelled at her to get an ambulance. He proceeded to rescucitate Thomas 
and was relieved when Thomas coughed and spluttered. The ambulance 
arrived and took him to the hospital where they kept him overnight. 
Thomas's mother kept a stricter eye on him after his stay in hospital. 
She was angry with herself for being so stupid in thinking he would 
obey all her rules. The most important one being: he was not allowed to 
go into the pond.  When she questioned him about it, he shrugged his 
shoulders and said he didn't know why he went into the water. She left 
it at that and told him he was not to go down there without her. 

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