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A Hiding Place (standard:other, 2090 words)
Author: the guitaristAdded: Feb 27 2007Views/Reads: 2509/1690Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
"A Hiding Place is about a boy who has his own hiding place in the woods where he escapes the harsh realities of the cruel world that surrounds him.

"Wake up, You're going to be late for school."  said Jimmy's mother as
she nudged him constantly.  He gave her the nasty look he always gave 
her when she tried to wake him up, and buried his head under the 
covers.  He couldn't stand it when she said that he would be late for 
school, because he knew damn well he always got there five minutes 
early every morning.  "Five more minutes. Please?" he grumbled.  "You 
said that five minutes ago, now get your lazy ass up.", yelled his 
mother.  He knew he had no choice but to get out of bed, so he got up 
and went to get ready for school.  "Don't forget to brush your teeth 
and comb your hair.", his mother yelled into the bathroom as he was 
getting dressed.  He ran downstairs to the kitchen, and quickly 
finished his breakfast.  He grabbed his bookbag on the way out the 
door, and he started walking to school.  At school, Jimmy was bullied 
and tormented daily.  He was a straight A student, and he was always on 
his best behavior.  The other kids would constantly nag him and call 
him a "mama's boy", because he would run home to his mother when he was 
being picked on.  On his arrival at school, he sat down in his desk, 
and pulled his homework from the night before out of his bookbag.  As 
the bell rang, Jimmy's teacher, Mr. Burlan, announced that he was 
taking up homework.  "I would like for all of you to pass your homework 
to the front of the room in a neat orderly fashion", said Mr. Burlan in 
his usual monotone voice.  At first it seemed as if the classroom went 
completely still, and then, finally, one piece of paper made it to the 
front of the room.  "It seems as if the only paper I've received comes 
from Mr. Dunbar." he said in his usual tone. "Because of your lack of 
effort on completing this assignment, all of you, except for Jimmy, 
will complete this and an additional assignment.".  "Aww", replied the 
class in unison.  The day went by fairly quickly, and before he knew 
it, it was lunchtime.  No one would sit at lunch with Jimmy, because 
they thought of him as a creep.  He didn't care what anyone thought of 
him, however, and he didn't bother to try to make anyone like him.  
"It's homework boy."  a voice from behind him said.  Jimmy looked back, 
and it was the voice of his worst enemy, Jacob.  "It's rather odd that 
you don't have to do anything for homework tonight, while the rest of 
us have to suffer."  Jacob said in a deeper tone.  "If you had done 
your homework like you were supposed to, you wouldn't have this 
problem", Jimmy replied.  "Well, I don't know what makes you anymore 
special than the rest of us, but I should beat your ass, and show you 
just how special you are.", Jacob said to him even angrier than before. 
 Before Jimmy could say another word, Jacob proceeded to hit Jimmy in 
the face repeatedly.  Finally, Mr. Burlan come into the lunchroom, and 
pulled Jacob off of Jimmy.  Jimmy was sent to the school nurse and was 
given aspirin to dull the pain.  Jimmy's face was covered in bruises, 
and he was in terrible pain.  At the end of the day, he proceeded to 
walk home, worried about what his father would say if he told him what 
had happened.  Jimmy's father had always taught him to fight back if 
someone hit him.  Jimmy was to scared to hit anyone, and he knew his 
father would be disappointed to hear that he let some other kid beat 
the shit out of him, while he did nothing.  Instead of going home, he 
made a detour through the woods down a beaten path he had made two 
summers earlier.  At the end of this path lay an enormous boulder that 
Jimmy would climb on top of.  This boulder was his hiding place.  He 
came here whenever he was upset or scared.  This was his safe haven 
from the cruel world that surrounded him.  Jimmy had a friend that 
lived under the boulder, that only he could see or hear.  His name was 
Leonard.  Leonard was imaginary, yet to Jimmy he was as real as anyone 
else.  "So what happened?", Leonard asked Jimmy.  "I was eating lunch 
and Jacob just comes up to me and hits me."  Jimmy replied sadly.  "I 
would go and beat his ass for you, but I'm not real.  I'm just a 
figment of your imagination" Leonard replied jokingly.  "I wish you 
were real", Jimmy replied, "because your the only friend I really 
have."  "Trust me", Leonard replied, "you will have real friends one 
day, but the hard part will be distinguishing the true friends from the 
fake ones."  Jimmy did not quite understand what Leonard was saying 
but, he continued on talking to him.  At the end of their meeting Jimmy 
asked, "Will you be here again tomorrow?"  "Of course I will", Leonard 
replied, "I'm always here, and whenever you need someone to talk to, 
I'm here for you."  Jimmy followed the path back out of the woods and 
continued on his way home.  He knew better than to tell anyone about 
Leonard, because he knew that people would laugh at him, and his mother 
would probably take him to the psychiatrist, or put him on medication.  
As he opened the front door to his house his mother rushed downstairs 
and asked him about what had happened.  She knew how his father had 
raised him to be, and knew that she had to come up with a story tell 
him when he got off work.  When his father arrived from work, she told 

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