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Enterprise Tragedy (standard:non fiction, 366 words)
Author: Dalton64Added: Mar 28 2007Views/Reads: 2861/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about the devastating tornado that destroyed enterprise alabama

March 1 2007 Was the scariest day of my life.On that day we had just
gotten news that we were getting out of school two hours early! I 
personally thought it was like any other rainy day. So we got out in 
the halls and were sitting around talking and celebrating the fact that 
we were getting out of school two hours early! The thing is none of us 
knew that 9 lives were going to be lost in a matter of minutes. So as 
I'm sitting in the hall i hear over the walkie talkie that i was being 
checked out. So i go to leave and they won't let me get my things. So I 
leave the school with nothing but the clothes on my back. We left 
school and got lunch. As I was eating the electricity went out i looked 
out the window and saw the tornado! So we ran to the hall and as I 
heard the wailing of my brother i started praying. The tornado sounded 
like a freight train! After about 20 seconds we got up and luckily the 
only damage was a couple of shingles had fallen off. The thing is about 
75 yards away houses were damaged and about a mile the other way houses 
were demolished! Then about an hour later i heard on the radio that the 
high school had been hit! Then i started wondering if my friends were 
okay because i went to the elementary school next to the high school. 
So I went home and went to sleep ZzZzZzZz. The next day my dad went to 
town and helped clean i didn't see him for like 2 days.Then on Sunday 
after church we went and saw my school it was terrible. I was so sad. 
Then for 2 weeks i sat at home worrying about my friends. Then Holly 
Hill and Hillcrest joined together to make HOLLYCREST! Then a week 
after school started back i got my things back even the notebook i 
MOHLER AJ JACKSON MICHELLE WILSON    "EHS gone but never forgotten!" 


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