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The Universe Divide (standard:Editorials, 911 words)
Author: DoyleAdded: Jul 06 2007Views/Reads: 2952/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is a story about the earth and a journey through the universe as we don't know it. First Draft


After the hostile Earth was conceived early life formed and died as the
planet continuously exerted natural disasters upon them. Over what 
seemed like thousands of years the small, helpless creatures were 
replaced with giants. But soon they met the same fate. The gargantuan 
reptiles were overcome by nature, and a new kind of organism began to 
flourish in the background. 

Mammals began to rise among the species of the Earth, as they were
adaptable to their environment and advanced in the subject of mental 
capacity. Among these organisms are the humans, the most intellectual 
beings to inhabit Earth. Nature threw them an age of ice, but they 
existed still. So, if not nature, then what would bring about their 
extinction? They could communicate and invent tools to their own 
liking. Only one obstacle lays in their path. Themselves. 

Even before they developed civilization, humans fought with one another
in combat. This habit followed them in their wake for thousands of 
years, this situation called war. Through the centuries, stone tools 
were substituted with long-range weapons as well as chariots. Then they 
were replaced with guns and tanks, just as early life was replaced with 
more advanced organisms. 

But among the atrocities of murder and conquest, there was a hidden
light. Before the humans came a prophet who enlightened the commoner 
with his voice, healed those who forever desired to see the light, and 
bestowed the people in a new world the right to be free from tyranny in 
the old. But many humans possessed no ears, and only a mouth. They were 
distracted by their wars, communication, and inventions from the light 
of which the sacred prophet spoke of. Who in the universe beyond would 
ever think that these creatures would be destroyed by their own 
creations of war, communication, and invention? 


Take a moment to leave the Earth completely. Empty your mind of all
thoughts and memories. Imagine that you are floating in infinite space. 
You desire to see and think, so the only senses you have are sight and 
thought. Billions of stars surround you, and among them can be seen 
galactic clusters, or groups of galaxies. They present themselves in 
all shapes and sizes, some elliptical, some spiral, and some irregular. 
After only one minute you are led to believe that the universe is only 
made up of gas, dust, energy, and you. Maybe you are a wandering spirit 
without a purpose, a godless being that is forbidden from paradise. 
Perhaps you are a traveler who desires to reach his unknown 
destination, an innocent animal who took a wrong turn and found itself 
in a wasteland. 

Do you believe in paradise, or do you believe that you will forever
exist in this lifeless place? Gravity starts to pull you towards a 
giant sphere of blinding light. With each second the force becomes 
greater. You stop, and in front of you an outline forms inside the 
sphere. What can it be? Then the image becomes clear. It has the same 
features as you, but has more power than a quasar or black hole. You 
are not alone, for he is there, at the universe divide. Although you 
can't talk or hear him, you desire to do so. The giant holds its arms 
up, and you are released from his gravitational grip. As you float away 
towards another object, a sensation comes over you. The openings on the 
sides of your head receive sounds, and you are able to perceive what 
those sounds mean. You hear him say, “I shall be waiting”. He floats 
backward through a layer of light which could not be seen before. Then 
the light disappears, along with him. An opening on your face opens. 
Now you can see, think, hear, and talk. You turn your body around and 
see a glowing white sphere with various patches of gray in the 
distance. Its gravity pulls you in, much like the other sphere. After a 
lengthy ride, you land on solid rock. The gray patches you saw before 
are actually giant holes. You jump across the barren sphere. Then you 
see a foreign object not far from you. 

A desire to touch and smell it arises in your mind, so now you are able
to touch and smell. It is unlike anything you have ever seen before. A 
thin, solid object is stuck in the rock. Coming out of it is a 
flexible, rectangular object that is soft to the touch. Thirteen strips 
go across part of it, alternating between red and white, and another 
rectangle is in the top left corner. You count fifty white shapes, and 
see the blue background. “What is it? What does it mean? How did it get 
here?” you ask yourself. Then you see another sphere across the 
horizon. There are irregular, green shapes among blue shapes. 

An object falls from the sky. It is white with black shapes on its
surface. It opens, and moving things with mysterious coverings on them 
come out. They jump towards you and take you to the object they came 
out of. The object closes up and soon it lifts off of the solid rock. 
They begin asking questions as the object travels towards the unknown 
sphere, but you ignore them and look at their destination. Maybe you 
can gain the last sense, feel, and perhaps the answers to your 
questions lie there as well.


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