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Jackson 1999 (standard:humor, 894 words)
Author: EveretAdded: Nov 25 2007Views/Reads: 3582/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A day in the life of Jackson

Jackson 1999 Slambang November 1999 

Some of you may remember an encounter with Jackson from a previous
reading. Well today Jackson now 56 years old. He is older, maybe wiser, 
but still prone to make errors in judgements just like many of us. 
Jackson in addition to being older has experienced some changes in his 
life. He is somewhat heavier and has lost some of his dark brown wavy 
hair which incidentally is now gray with streaks of white. 

Many of you if not all of you remember the old red and white striped
poles that stood in front of the little shop where men gathered to get 
hair cuts and discuss the problems of life and the world in general .If 
they still exist they are hard to find. For many years Jackson had gone 
to the same barbershop and enjoyed the company of the same barber. Over 
the years his barber became feeble and almost blind, but Jackson stuck 
with him until he passed on and then he had to find someone else to 
trim his hair. I say trim because his face was now more exposed than 
when he was younger. The job fell to his wife, who reluctantly did the 
job until she too passed away. Jackson left to his own resources took 
the bull by the horns, or rather the clippers, and proceeded to cut his 
own hair. His methods went back to the “boot camp style that he first 
received when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. This worked quite well for 
him until he met a lady who decided he needed a “makeover”. This 
makeover was to consist of new clothing(no more jeans and tees), less 
weight (about 40 pounds) and letting a “nice looking fringe of gray 
hair grow” As these changes began to take place it became obvious the 
he was going to need the services of a barber. How it became obvious 
was when Jackson tried the old clipper trick ,he failed miserably 
People whom he knew looked at him with question marks in their eyes. It 
was then he decided that he absolutely would have to have a 
professional do the job although there was not much material there with 
which to work. Having made this decision he went  to the barber shop. 

Of course barber shops are now almost extinct. One must go to a beauty
salon and they have such cute names (it almost nauseates you to read 
them.) Early one morning ,he went to the one he had chosen called “Kute 
and Kurly” because no appointment was needed. It was so early that the 
lights were not on and at first he thought there was no one there, but 
then ,looking through the window, he saw some movement . He tapped on 
the glass and a sharp looking lady came to the door and asked how she 
could help him. He replied that he needed a trim. “Come right back here 
and sit down and I'll fix you right up”, she said. Jackson took a seat 
and just making conversation said he would like a little color put back 
in his hair also. “no problem”, said the lady. Jackson still making 
conversation said, ”the doctor had me on water pills, but I found they 
were making me lose my hair so I quit taking them” “ looks as if you 
did not quit taking them soon enough” replied the lady. To which 
Jackson replied. “I'm known as a penurious man and the size of your tip 
was just reduced even though it was miniscule to start with, especially 
since I have little hair to cut”. “That is what makes it  harder 
because I have to hunt for it. Jackson realized by this time he was up 
against a pro in the insult department and decided that he better be 
quiet for the rest of the session. At last it was over and he paid the 
lady and left the shop. 

He immediately went to a meeting that had been scheduled earlier in the
week. During the meeting ,he noticed that some of the people he knew 
avoided looking at him and others were quietly laughing when they 
thought he wasn't looking. He wondered what was going on. Finally one 
of his associates asked him” why did you leave that little tuft of hair 
in the back and why is it green? 

After the meeting he hurried back to the “beauty salon” intent on
revenge. As he entered the shop a different lady asked if she could 
help him. “ I got a haircut here this morning and it was terrible. 
“Oh?”, the lady said. “What time was that” “It was about 7:30 “,he 
replied. “I am sorry sir, but we were not open at that time, but 
someone robbed the shop last night between the time we closed and the 
time we opened at 9:00 this morning. Jackson knew then that his haircut 
and dye job had been administered by a professional all right, a 
professional burglar and not a beautician. 

What a revolting development. He had paid handsomely for the haircut and
dye job and now he would have to have it done over, plus he was being 
laughed at by some people he had to face every day. “Darn, some days it 
just doesn't pay to get up“, He thought. 


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