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Gift of Hope (standard:other, 3976 words)
Author: Megan MichelleAdded: Mar 04 2001Views/Reads: 3438/1985Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Based on true events, written in a fictional way. Gives anyone the inspiration needed. Comments highly welcomed!


Many children a year are affected by having a family member who is an
alcoholic. Dealing with the problem is one of the many challenges such 
a child faces. At times it feels that no one will listen or understand 
how you feel. You feel as if the alcohol abuse is caused by you. Either 
something you said or did. The reality is that itís not your fault at 

As author of this story, I have experienced some incidents first hand in
my childhood. This book reveals my personal feelings hidden behind the 
acholism of a parent. And the pain that such a problem can cause, and 
how it affects the ones closet to you. 

The dictionaryís definition of alcoholism is the chronic disease
characterized by an uncontrollable urge to drink alcoholic beverages. 
And thatís exactly what alcoholism is. A psychological disease. The 
results are sometimes devastating and many families are torn apart by 
one personís problem with alcohol. 

This story is based upon real experiences and true incidents from my
childhood. The events and feelings expressed are real. Although 
expanded upon. The characters are fictional but based upon real people. 

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
-Eleanor Roosevelt- 

Chapter One: A Twist to Christmas 

The snow came down steadily, the air was cold and crisp. Step and Jason
were curled up by the fire. After kissing each of them on the forehead 
and tucking them in, I sat myself down on the sofa and slowly sipped my 
hot chocolate as I listened to the Christmas tunes play from the 
stereo. My mind drifted slowly off as I looked out the window, seeing 
Mr. And Mrs. Murttle decorating their house with lights. It reminded me 
of past Christmas, back when Brian was around. We were a family then. 

We would share each Christmas gathering around the Christmas tree early
on Christmas morning. Jason and Steph got so excited after opening 
presents and noticing was little surprises Santa had for them. Itís 
been a rough five years, since Brian died. Although  itís been years, 
it feels as if it was only yesterday that he passed away. When 
Christmas came the following year Steph did not want to celebrate and 
neither did I to tell you the truth. We celebrated anyway but in a more 
civil manner. Brian was not there to string lights on the side of the 
house, and Steph did not want to bake gingerbread cookies. It was 
something we did in preparation for Christmas when my husband was 

Heart attacks are so sudden you know? No one could of predicted it. Not
even the best doctors in Sweet Apple Valley. They say that doctors know 
everything, but I donít by the mumbo jumbo. 

Now things are different. Jason is six years old and well, what used to
be little Stephanie is now a teenager in her freshman year of high 
school. I closed my eyes and pictured Christmas this year.  I would 
make it the best. Cookies galore, lights on the house, so that the 
neighbors could make their complements like they did whenever Brian 
strung them. 

I must of fallen asleep then. The next time my eyes opened it was a
brand new day bright and sunny and two feet of snow fell that evening. 

"Mom, can I go outside? Itís so pretty out," said Steph as she woke me

"Huh what? What did you say Steph?" I asked and I sluggishly got off the

"I said could I go outside mom?" Steph repeated. 

I sighed. As I began to walk to the kitchen. "Sure steph go outside,
bundle up itís cold out". 

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