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June 2nd (standard:Psychological fiction, 716 words)
Author: DaNiAdded: Mar 19 2008Views/Reads: 3314/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Alvin awakes writhing in agony.. but why? His life crashes down in less than an half hour and he finds himself beginning anew..

July 2nd 

Here I lay writhing in agony.  It's dark. I can't see a damn thing.  Eh,
what difference would it make?  I'd only see myself in the cross view 
mirror, struggling painfully, striving desperately for relief.  
Horrific fanfare music runs through my head, beating to a frantic 
un-paced beat.  The fragility of my body drives me to question my very 
existence.  The thudding of my heart skips like a deranged child 
playing hopscotch on a dreary day.  My side, oh God my side, it aches 
as if someone's apathetically jabbing it with a sharp blade.  I give 
out an eldritch scream that lasts for what seems eternal.  I wale for 
my mother, and utter blasphemies when she doesn't respond with an 
arrival.  The audacity of that wretched woman, where the hell could she 
be?  Antagonized, I grope around on my side table for my glasses and 
climb helplessly out of bed.  I drag my feet, forcefully, across coarse 
floorboards and through my opaque room.  I make my way to the black 
weathered door of my room.  I open it and stumble out into the unlit 
hallways of my house.  I leave the corridor of my room and saunter down 
the dark bleak hallways, calling out my mother's name every now and 
then.  “Helena where are you,” I call. “I need you Helena.” No answer.  
I feel my legs wobble beneath me as if they can't bear the weight of my 
body.  Then they finally give in.  I being to fall, but I don't hit the 
ground. I'm caught.  I see Helena from the side view of my eye. 

“There you are Alvin,” she says with that pleasant voice of hers. “I've
been looking all over for you. Where have you been?” 

“I've been looking for you.” 


“I called you from my chamber, and when you did not respond I went
looking for you, but it seems you've found me.” I force a laugh. 

“Yes. Well, here I am. Did you need something?” 

“Pain killers. I seem to be smothering in pain from head to toe.” 

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. My dear, Alvin. You're not in pain.” 

“I'm not?” 

“No. Well, yes you most definitely are. But I'm not going to help you
out of it.” 

“What do you mean,” I say turning to face her. 

“I'm the reason for your suffering.” She gives a shrieking laugh. 

“What the hell did you do to me Helena?” 

“Isn't it obvious Alvin? I want your father's money and with you here
that's near to impossible.  And so, I'm merely eliminating the 


“Tsk awe. Yes, I know. And don't worry, you'll join him soon enough.” 

“What have you done?!” 

“Poison. You'll die a painful death, fascinating for me. This is making
my life a living hell waiting for you to coax over and die. . . I 
refuse to wait any longer! All I have to do is give you the actual 
killing poison. The first part was for my entertainment. Are you 

I don't answer.  Instead I sit there gazing, disillusioned, at the
person who I thought loved me as she would her own child. Games, all 
for my father's wealth. Pathetic gold digger. Who the hell does she 
think she's messing with! 

She pulls out a syringe from her pocket and inserts the poison. “This
part won't hurt. You've suffered enough. I'm not that sadistic of a 
person. It's about time I that collect what's rightfully mine.” 

I got up and backed away from Helena. My head begins to spin. I'm going
to feint, I think to myself.  Then, I spontaneously lunge forward, 
without thinking, and stab the syringe right into Helena's heart. Her 
back hanging halfway off the stair rail, I squeeze the syringe with 
rage until every last drop of the poison is deposited into her heart 
and then ... I flip her off the railing.  I watch in terror as my 
‘mother' falls to her doom, her horrid scream popping at my eardrums.  
She was not a woman of great avoirdupois but she made the loudest 
reverberation I've ever heard. That was my life at the age of fifteen, 
twenty minutes ago.  I now start my new life, today, running away, July 
2nd, the day I killed my mother. 


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