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The Night Watcher (standard:romance, 1015 words)
Author: AihmeeAdded: Mar 07 2001Views/Reads: 3713/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Night after night he comes to her...She can feel the fangs on her neck...she fears him...but needs him...

The first time he came to me I was so frightened. I saw his small sharp
fangs protruding from between his lips. I felt the warmth of his breath 
on my neck. He needed me and I needed him. My husband, John, had gone 
away on a business trip and I was left alone. I liked to sleep with the 
window open to let in the cool breeze. That night I let in something 
more. I don't know what made me wake up that night but as I did I saw a 
beautiful face peering over me. He had wavy sandy blonde hair and steel 
blue eyes. He was dressed in black. As I tried to sit up and shout in 
protest he put a hand over my mouth, but instead of being violent he 
whispered into my ear and traced his tounge over the left side of my 
neck. I was so intranced that all I could do was lay there while little 
tears rolled from my eyes. He asked me to come join him, to be his 
whole eternal world....all I could mutter was a "no". Night after night 
I waited for him to return. Afraid but at the same time needing him in 
a way that was unfamilliar to me. A week later, when I had almost put 
him out of my mind, I was invited to a dinner party at a friends house. 
John had come home and as we arrived I had a terrifying feeling corse 
through my veins. I excused myself to the restroom to try to regroup. I 
peered into the mirror to freshen up my make up and when I turned 
around the lights went off and I knew he was there. His soft hand 
touched the small of my back and pulled me toward him. Feeling dizzy I 
rested my head on his left shoulder exposing my tender neck. He 
whispered into my ear begging me to join him. To become his world. All 
I could do was cry. I knew who the love of my life was for so long. He 
was just in the other room. My legs went numb and I collapsed into his 
arms. He took his hand and pulled up my chin. He pressed his lips to 
mine so softly. I returned the kiss. I was so scared but his kisses 
made me feel light headed and foggy. At that moment our senses joined 
and I could feel everything he was feeling. As we kissed his hands 
trailed to the buttons on my shirt and button by button he removed my 
shirt to reveal my red lacey bra. Electricty surged through both of our 
boddies as his fingers traced the outline of my bra. I wanted to cry 
out for him to take me. I wanted to feel more. He knew what I wanted 
and what I was feeling. His lips moved down, skipping my neck and 
landing on my Chest. I whimpered something and weakly kissed him on the 
lips. He gently turned my head with his so that the left side of my 
neck was exposed to his hungry mouth. I felt his breath on my neck, I 
could feel his arms encircle my waist. He kissed and licked my neck so 
gently then I took a deep breath and The pain of his sharp teeth was 
soon replaced by a wave of dizziness and intense pleasure. I must have 
fallen asleep. When I woke up John had me in his arms in our own bed. I 
thought it was just a dream. he said I passed out at the party and he 
had to carry me home. Later that night when John was asleep I slowly 
got up out of bed and walked over to the mirror in the bathroom. The 
left side of my neck had two barely visible purple marks thet were very 
sore. I didn't even feel like the same person. I felt weak. I guess 
because I hadn't had any blood yet. I looked at John sleeping and 
wanted to satisfy my urges but held back. I turned back to the mirror 
where I started to cry. John heard my crying and called to me from the 
bedroom asking me what was wrong. I started crying harder and tilted my 
neck to show him the purple marks. He didn't understand. I told him I 
didn't think he should be around me anymore. If he did he would be in 
great danger. He took me in his arms and said that he knew that I loved 
him and that no harm could come to him because anything that was to 
happen would only bring us together, forever. I told him that I was 
scared that I would only bring him pain. But I knew that he did join me 
that he would have only a little pain than no more. He begged me not to 
leave and to let him join me. I cried because I knew it was possible. I 
took him in my arms and kissed him deeply. I wanted to arouse him 
enough so that his pain would be very brief. I kised his neck and I 
felt him tense up and pull away. I whispered that it would be brief but 
that I knew he wasn't ready yet. I continued to kiss and lick his neck 
while my hands caressed his bare chest. I could feel him relax and 
could tell he was becoming aroused. I kissed my way around his chest 
and then back up to his neck. By this time he was mine completely. I 
gently moved his head to the right and sank my fangs into his neck. He 
cried out in pain but when he took a deep breath I could tell the pain 
was over and he crushed me in his arms with passion. I drank only a 
little of his blood and let him rest. I didn't know what we would do 
for the rest of eternity but I was certin that we would be...


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