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Deceiving Angels-- NOW STRIKES! (standard:other, 393 words)
Author: yChEnAdded: Nov 20 2008Views/Reads: 2738/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
BEWARE of Harmful destructive angels. They all suck!


I've been attacked by my sloth  moment one busy morning. Everybody's
doing their own work as Im just sitting along the corner thinking about 
the ironic realities of life. Whoahh!! .... Some pages of my life's 
book was ruined and folded as if as it was dog ears, and this was 
brought by my stupidness. In a quite a while, I've found scoth tapes to 
fix out those ruined pages, yet  a stupid damn, shit-like scissor came 
to ruined it all again.  And so I've decided to tear it off. Too hard 
for me doing so because every pages is important and each of the pages 
has a lot of treasured memories. Have you experienced to get along with 
certain people whom you really care for? Yet, at the end, you just end 
up realizing that  bitch isn't worth caring for? You have deposited 
enough trust yet  after  all you were able to know that she isn't worth 
trusting for. And do you know what's the bitter part of it??—When you 
have loved that certain person with all her flaws and what makes her 
the whole, you care for her and the vice-versa of it is what you had 
just gain. Things are getting too tough for me. It's hard to  let go of 
this very special thing that makes you happy once in a while. But this 
is much better! Because, they don't want you there.. After all you have 
thought that they do like you as much as you like them. They respect 
you as much as you do respect them. They are happy when you're with 
them, because you're very glad having them just right by your side. But 
the unfair reality strikes! Everything was just a damn wish that turns 
into kinky illussions. They keep on talking behind your back as if as 
you are a celebrity then. They can't accept rather don't like the 
person you love. Every mistake rather an error or a misunderstanding is 
being pushed towards you. They don't listen! They suck! They are damn! 
A deceiver! Bitch! And the mere naked yet visible fact, they're making 
you so sick!! Tsk, Tsk, Tsk... I do admit am not a perfect friend but 
somewhere above the heavens knew how much I've tried. Hope, they had 
just done what i have done too. (sniffs) 


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