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Inamae's Birthday (standard:humor, 326 words)
Author: Tony DungateAdded: Feb 08 2009Views/Reads: 3003/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Inamae's Bithday Poem

Once upon a time there was lady who worked in the Shaw Who committed the
most heinous of commuter fashion faux pas 

While traveling to work on her daily GO train commute She did draw
commuter stares that she did dare to dispute 

She forget while getting dressed for the morning ride downtown The
curlers from her hair to keep the bangs off her frizzled frown 

We should be glad this was the only incident of the curler kind But alas
there is more to her daily trips to Toronto yet to unwind 

We all know how tedious the daily GO train trip downtown can be But poor
Inamae took it to one notch higher as we shall see 

If ever there was the ultimate sin of commuting that you could do Inamae
did go there so hope that you won't end up in the same shoe 

She did fall asleep but woke up with the most severe body shakes To
horrified looks all around she thought there had been an earthquake 

As she looked around outside she noticed nothing was amiss The looks of
her fellow commuters now looked more of a diss! 

With a quizzical look on her face she glared and looked ready to fight
Until someone told her that she was snoring and looked ready to bite! 

Since she knows that I tease her, she won't share anymore mistakes
Fearing I advertise on the GO train, the emergency cord she will brake 

For my digressions I do need to pay, moved my office from her far away
That ensures she gets a pumpernickel bagel, each and every Wednesday 

Now in closing we must bear in mind her birthday has come again today
Checked her appearance several times, not knowing what I might say 

Now in closing, we wish her the best on this happy and glorious day I am
thinking of her new age, do you think to me she might say? 


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