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Modern and Old timme Denistry (standard:other, 799 words)
Author: EveretAdded: Feb 14 2009Views/Reads: 2991/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An Experience with dentistry over the years

Modern and old time Dentistry Slambang February 13, 2009 

Wow! going to the dentist has never been one of my favorite pastimes,
but I remember  how things used to be as compared to the way they are 

Back in the thirties and forties you never needed an appointment. And to
get a filling or a tooth pulled (now known as an extraction and cost 
about a buck and a half) Why I remember one night I was going to a 
night class and suddenly got a tooth ache . This was about nine o'clock 
at night and I went to the  dentist office, and walked in and sat in 
the chair. He looked and said this tooth (a jaw tooth or now a molar)I 
s cracked and starting to get infected. It will have to come out. All I 
knew was it was starting to give me fits. He said it was broken in two 
and that he could not give me an anesthetic he would have to pull it 
without pain killer as an anesthetic would spread the infection. This 
scared the bejabbers out of me because I had never had a tooth pulled 
before.( except baby teeth that I had wiggled around and pulled with a 
string attached to it and also a door knob.) (at least he didn't say 
“this will hurt me as much as it hurts you “as my Dad used to say when 
I had done something forbidden and then he whaled the tar out of me.) 

Actually I didn't believe it hurt him at all, but I never told him that.
I would run around in circles.( I had to because he was holding my one 
hand and I was trying to run) and he would be whaling away. I would be 
screaming bloody murder trying to get him to feel sorry for me and 
stop. (It never worked) Oops, I strayed 

Anyway back to the dentist He laid me back in that chair and said “get a
good hold on the arm of that chair son” and then he pulled out the 
biggest pair of pliers I had ever seen. Shucks they looked so big to me 
,I  did not believe he could even fit them into my mouth. Well he did 
and he grabbed that tooth and wiggled it and it hurt so bad I almost 
wet my pants right there in the chair and  it seemed to take forever, 
but finally he got it out held it up for me to see the bloody thing and 
then said ,“I got half of it”. 

I started to say how come you only got half of it what kind of a dentist
are you anyway. But fear overtook my ability to speak. I was glad I 
didn't  because he then said,” now I can give you a pain killer as it 
will not spread the infection with half of the tooth gone. So he gave 
me a shot and that wasn't much less painful that pulling the tooth. Any 
way that was the old days nowadays you go to the dentist, you have to 
have an appointment made sometimes a week  or so in advance. And the 
buck-fifty you used to pay is now $275.00. Of course they have coffee 
in the waiting room for you to calm your nerves and when you get in the 
chair the have TV for you to watch. And instead of having to spit in a 
basin they have a vacuum attached to a little siphon that they suck out 
the saliva, and most of them have attractive young ladies with nice 
smiles as aides. 

And modern dentistry has come such a long way they can pull a tooth and
put another in its place and they can drill a hole in your jaw and 
stick a peg in there to hold a tooth they will put in later. Soon no 
one will have to go without their teeth, that is if they have the 
“spondulics” to pay the price. 

I am speaking from experience now. And for those who are missing several
teeth  and have to wear dentures they can put in some pegs to hold the 
dentures in so that you never have to worry about them popping out at 
some inopportune time and you can have sparkling white teeth too. I 
suppose if you wanted pictures on your teeth you could have that, but 
that is mere supposition on my part. 

Anyway to make a short story long, I intend to see if these things
really work because I have an appointment next month to ascertain if I 
can have take advantage  of this new (to me) technology and have a 
tooth implanted. (I hope it doesn't hurt too much.) 



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