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Referee's Lament (standard:poetry, 364 words)
Author: Tony DungateAdded: Feb 18 2009Views/Reads: 2496/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Hockey Referee's Reality

In a city called Toronto nestled around a famous great lake I was a
middle-aged man who in the winter did skate 

When young, hockey did I play, now I skate in white and black Without me
and my kind there would be no game, that is a fact 

An annual clinic I take, preparing for a new season to begin No matter
the outcome, 100% respect from the fans I never win 

When certified the tournaments do arrive, and I start to work New rules
and emphasis I apply, still end up as the “Jerk” 

Skating from end to end in freezing cold always without bias Who wins
doesn't matter and is never important to any of us 

Three periods a game, and multiple games I skate throughout the season
Seen rookies get undressed after two periods, which is all part of the 

How many penalties each team receives I don't count and matters not to
me Although sometimes teams think make-up calls are part of their 
entrance fee 

Season is long and sometimes I lose sight of my professional way
Obligated for my digressions to take the hit and do ultimately pay 

As I go down, an unwritten rule exists, as the crowd always does cheer
On-ice partners lick their lips in anticipation for their next free 

I give everything I have for a game's that's fun and safe for all to
play Aches, pains, and sprains don't prevent me from starting over the 
next day. 

In the end I skate for exercise, camaraderie and sheer love of the game
As I hang up the skates, take a seat and look back, I will know no 

As the game ends, shower, change and pack my bags a few bucks richer
Knowing one day my arm may not allow me to pour from the pitcher 

Those who forsake their nights, weekends and holidays at the local rink
I salute your annual perseverance and devotion with a tall cold drink 

So the next time you go to the rink and have a beef you'd like to share
Use your time, energy and courage to skate in his place; if you dare! 


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