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_Musings (standard:Psychological fiction, 193 words)
Author: Leif TannerAdded: Mar 19 2009Views/Reads: 3440/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Daily thoughts in a momotonous chore

Sky. Infinate blue sky. What's seen and what's not seen. Sunlight from
the Sun. Just one Sun. Washing waves of crimson over a rain-drenched 
plain. Dawn. A multitude of panoramic colours. All the colours of the 
rainbow. This scene. This Earth. Is it a gift from God? Is it simply a 
result or stardust, long since evaporated and transformed into a new 
planetary system? Formed by the violent deaths of long dead stars among 
the heavens before time had been measured? 

Human will. The will to imagine. To believe and envision. To create and
make reality. To nurture the mysteriousness of all that nature 
surprises us with. Future generations. All living as one. One common 
goal. The continued existence of self preservation through procreation. 
A species without reason. Reason that cannot be understood. 
Complexities. The complexities engrained in our minds of our own 
existence and demise. 

What is the meaning of our existence? Of all living entities? To live.
To one day return to the darkness in which we originated, hoping 
against the odds stacked upon all living souls that will one day we see 
the light through the darkness. 

© Leif Tanner


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