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Iceile (standard:Psychological fiction, 300 words)
Author: Leif TannerAdded: Mar 19 2009Views/Reads: 3421/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A sequal, yet independent story to "Flash"

Definitely run. Run run run. Seeing through time. Staying in mole hills.
Watching pipeline organs. Become olympic gold medalists. Through the 
haze. On the heels. Of my. Chest.going to Switzerland. Holding girls 
tight.breathing life. Into the earth.smoke one down. Go go go. Into 
bliss. Surfing on a rocket train. Pour in the symphony. Cannot stop the 

Fucked up grannies. Sitting on empty. Seeing plasticine soldiers.
Reciprocate decades old comflicts. Technological air.breaking the 
sound. Barrier. Resolution supreme. Running for cover. Casting fleeting 
ideas. While hunkering in the world from despair. Call. The gloating 
fools. Into your presence. Glass blowing obsession. Momentary loss of 
the hooked on sadness. Not looking up. So light held. Be true in the 
sky. As heaven and hell. Unleash their masses. Waking tomorrow. To be 
cast in the sea. While an icey smile appears. 

The winds blowing the fires of hell. Immitation draughts. Brandishing
labelled brands. Drilling your head. Waiting for the. Electronic 
performers. To begin. Through the living soul. How does it make you 
feel. While on this planet. Daily affairs are a repetitive addiction. 
Grinning from above. The smoker's moon. This normality bearings. The 
markings. Close to the truth. 

Waves crashing over rocks. An emotionless world. Throwing carbonated
aluminium like frisbees. Into the air. Dancing mambo. Stereo hits gone. 
Combating silence. To the beat. Of the drum. Love snippets of becoming. 
We're requesting years. Marking the place. In our trash-pile of the 
world. Never constant. One. Pair symbolism. Humming a talkative tune. 
Yeah. Where it doesn't end. 

Flicking grains of truth. Sounding the call. Stereophonic art moves.
Paranoid tranquility. Intervention. Run down. Bubble surprise. Run run 
run. Go twilight. Descending. We are. Existing in time. It's helping 
blood. To fall in concreted stains. Biological test tubes. We need dna. 
This way. 

© Leif Tanner


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