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If You Could Love Me (standard:poetry, 239 words)
Author: L.M.PenswickAdded: Apr 25 2009Views/Reads: 2812/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem I wrote a long time ago about a little girl, speaking to her father.



Somewhere in your heart I know you care, 

Though you have gone so far away 

There will come a day when I will dare 

To ask you why you had to go 


If you could take back just one day 

Just one day when you could change 

What has been, what will be or what went wrong 

Would you remember the little girl you used to know? 

Would you care you hurt her for so long? 


Daddy, I know that we are different 

That we never really understood 

Why so many years were spent in battle 

When united would have done much more good 


If you could love me for just one day 

If you could show me that you care 

If you could love me just for me 

Daddy, I know there is a way 


Just be proud of me for coming second 

Instead of leaving me all alone 

Just kiss my cheek and be happy for me 

Smile with me and take me home 


I know that we are very different 

I know you have obligations to fulfil 

But though you've acted less than I would like 

I know deep down that I love you 


Be proud that I am who I am 

Be proud of what I chose to do 

Be proud and honoured that you're my father, 

Be as proud of me as I am of you 


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