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the late night in the city (standard:adventure, 1216 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: May 17 2009Views/Reads: 3812/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
man saved a woman life who was being beaten to death

The night in the city 

I had just arrive in town on a business trip for the company I suppose
to work for a sales rep, the ride here on bus had give me out , I had 
been up to long on the night before , and then having to take a late 
bus into Ohio never help my situation, most cities that I arrived at 
this late has few people on the main streets, tonight was no different. 

I was to meet a man early the next morning at a given address and
location, getting a cab this late to take me to the nearest hotel 
location had become difficult , so I decided to walk and find the 
nearest hotel on foot, 

I knew the danger in cites of walking late at night , but to despite
this I thought I would chance it anyway it being almost three am surely 
all the gangs or robbers were asleep , I had gotten maybe four or five 
blocks and I heard a woman scream from a vacant parking lot, looking 
off to my left I see four men and it seems the four are beating up a 
woman she is screaming bloody murder and here I watching these brutish 
men taking turns beating her, so with being and x marine I would take 
it upon my self to stop this if I could, but what chance would I have 
with four quiet large men, but what the heck I could not pass by and 
her being beat to death, she was trying to get away from them , and one 
kept running and dragging her back for more beating, 

I hurried down into the parking lot hoping someone had passed in a car
and seen what was happing and maybe called the police, upon getting 
close they four acknowledge me coming and the quiet beating for a 
moment , and the biggest one was well tattooed , what are you men doing 
?beating this woman to death I said, listen Mr the biggest one said you 
better be on your way or you will get some of what she is getting  , he 
pulls out a bright switch blade knife and open the blade, while he is 
staring at me the others are still beating on the woman, I shouted stop 
now real loud and I told the big  tattooed man that if they never 
stopped now that I would be forced to take action. He looks at me and 
said your no threat to us mr get gone he said and looked at me with 
anger in his eyes, I pulled my bright thirty eight special from the 
back of my belt and shot near where the men were standing , that got 
their attention fast , let her up and let her come to me, or I will 
shoot and cripple all four of you, I will shoot your all not to kill 
you but to cripple you I swear I will , then one of them pulled a gun 
from his front belt line, and was about to point it at me, dude you 
point that gun at me and just give me a reason to kill you in self 
defense , drop the gun I told him and he seen something in my eyes that 
told him I meant business, the bleeding woman is allowed to come to me 
and I told them that I was going to count to ten and if they was still 
here I was going to cripple ever last one of them, I told the one that 
had laid the gun down to pick it up and empty the shell from it and to 
turn all his pockets inside out that I knew he was carrying not shells 
but what was in the gun, he did as I requested, and told him to take 
the pistol with him but not to think about the bullets, they left and 
the biggest of them told me that this isn't over we will get you before 
you leave this town , we know that face and we will get you he 
promised, get out of here I tell them before I lose my temper, and they 
all ran away and vanished in the city, the bleeding woman was barely 
able to talk and I new if I never got her help she would bleed to death 
they had not only beat her but she was cut shallow like and was 
bleeding bad, I took my undershirt off and bound her worse wounds and 
told her to set on the curb while I flagged someone down to call for 
and ambulance, I managed to flag a late night motorist down and it was 
hard to get anyone to stop this late and it dark, but one good lady 
stopped , when I showed her my badge she rolled down the window, so 
you're a federal Marshall what on earth is wrong how can I help , she 
asked, a woman has been beaten almost to her death just down a little 
way in that parking lot and she laying down beside the curb and she 
bleeding bad please go find a phone and give this street and get her 
and ambulance fast, ok the woman said and speed away, I went back and 
stayed with the poor beaten woman and tried to keep her calm, I tell 
her that medical help is on the way, and she said bye the way who are 
you, well lady I am a special agent a federal Marshall on special 
assignment in this city , posing as a business man , and I just got 
into town and could not hail a taxi and decided to walk to locate a 
place to sleep tonight, then the woman said thank God for the lousy 
taxi service in this town or I would be dead , lady I don't know why 
those men was trying to kill you and I want ask you that question, , 
but what ever your doing to cause that to happen to you I believe I 
stop before you are killed, I am going to do that for sure she said as 
the local police and ambulance arrived, just before they put her on a 
stretcher I whispered to her I think God has been looking out for you 
tonight , she said yes I believe that is true, thank so much Mr she 
repeated and I never got your name she asked ?. It George Frazier , 
your going to be alright honey I tell the wounded woman take it easy 
and get better I tell her as they are pushing her into the back of the 
ambulance, I will try she said low like and wave me a good bye, we 
should all respect the men and woman that wear the uniform of police 
agencies , that tries hard to keep our cities and street safe and a lot 
of time understaffed , sometimes I think we all forget the sacrifice 
that they make and the dangers they face is all the name of peace and 
safely , many have give the supreme sacrifice their lives ....the end


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