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The Hero (standard:romance, 384 words)
Author: Colletta VAdded: Aug 19 2009Views/Reads: 3012/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A historical romance between 2 unsuspecting people. When love hits, it hits hard.

Chapter 1 

1821 Woodhouse Orphanage 

“Wake up! Wake up!” 

Gracie ran from room to room waking everyone up. She had to hurry for
the fire was getting bigger by the second. For the life of her, Gracie 
could not understand who, what, why, how or where the fire had started. 
But it did. And it was spreading fast. 

The entire main area was up in flames by the time Gracie awakened,
leaving the back door near the kitchen the only escape route. 

“Wake up Ethan! Wake up!” 

Rubbing his eyes, Ethan looked at Gracie and yawned. “I just fell

Grabbing him by the shoulders and shaking him, Gracie commanded, “I want
you to grab as many of the young ones as you can, get out and get help! 
Use the back door by the kitchen. Hear me?” 

“But-” Ethan pouted. 

“No buts. Move NOW! Hurry! The fire is spreading!” Gracie yelled as she
ran to rouse the rest. 

“Fire? Fire? FIRE!” Ethan's eyes grew and gasped as realization hit him.
His shirt was soaked and it felt very much like being in a furnace. 

Despite being afraid, Gracie had entrusted him to a task and by God
would he complete it. Taking in a deep breath for courage, Ethan jumped 
out of bed, grabbed his blanket and fashioned a makeshift cradle like 
how Gracie always did for the babies. Turning to the cradle, he picked 
his baby sister, Eva, up and settled her into the cradle tied across 
his back. 

Clutching another four younger children in his two hands and whomever
else he came in contact with, Ethan shepherded them down the stairs and 
safely out of the burning house. 

Remembering there was a big tree beside a tavern in the next street,
Ethan hurried his herd and settled them before running in for help. 

Slamming the wooden door open, Ethan's eyes fell straight onto two very
large men sitting by the counter. Both were equally good-looking and 
from their dressing, they seemed wealthy. One of them had light brown 
hair with crystal blue eyes whilst the other had midnight hair and grey 
eyes that looked like a never-ending storm was brewing within. 

Catching his breath, Ethan made a beeline towards the men and tugged the
one with the grey eyes. 



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