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OVERDRAWN (standard:other, 1024 words)
Author: EveretAdded: Sep 11 2009Views/Reads: 3319/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

Overdrawn September Slambang 

Today I received  a notice from the bank that my account was overdrawn.
That was really scary. So, I thought I had better get this straightened 
out. I will go to the bank and find out what seems to be the problem. 

As I walked into the bank I felt that everyone there was staring at me.
Is it such a tragedy to be overdrawn ( especially when you know you are 

There were several desks located in the lobby and one was occupied by a
stern looking lady.  Oh God, I thought I hope I don't get involved with 
her, she looks mean. “ I'll bet she could eat a steel rod and spit out 
horseshoe nails” At this point she noticed me and said “May I help 
you“?  I looked around, hoping that she was not addressing me. All in 
vain there were no other victims in sight. I smiled my brightest smile, 
thinking maybe I could invoke a little pity in her. No such luck, she 
continued looking as if I were something untouchable.( the same as my 
ex used to do when I was going to get verbally abused) “Damn,” I 
thought, “maybe I should just act as though I was in the wrong 
building” ,but as I turned to make my escape, She beckoned me to her 
desk and said  again, in a louder voice, “MAY I HELP YOU SIR“  “There 
is no escape” ran through my mind” ( unless I run like the dickens and 
then they might think I am a robber up to no good and shoot me in the 
behind) . I turned to face the adversary, hoping I was looking innocent 
and vulnerable so she would take pity on me. She smiled, but her eyes 
betrayed  her savage intentions to crucify me in front of everyone. 
‘Lord have mercy”, I thought “why me? Time seemed to have stopped, but 
in reality only a few seconds had passed. I slowly approached her desk, 
and I stated,. “ I have a letter here that I received in the mail 
yesterday and I believe it was sent to me by mistake. “Well let me see 
it”, she said. I gave her the letter and she looked at it. (I was 
beginning to sweat). After studying the letter for what seemed like 
ages she looked at me and said, ”this letter says that your checking 
account is overdrawn. I noticed a slight smile indicating that she had  
a victim ready to be drawn and quartered.(as if I hadn't read the 
letter many times and knew the contents by heart)“Well I don't think 
so.” “Well Just a minute I will pull up your account on the computer 
and check what your file says” 

She looked at the letter and started typing and soon a bright smile
appeared on her face. “Yes Sir”, she said I have your account here and 
it shows that you are short $500.00  and your last check has been 
returned to you. “That is impossible “,I said .”well it is right here 
on your file”, she said smiling brightly, did you come in to deposit 
some cash to keep your account solvent. She appeared so happy as if she 
had found a pearl in her oyster shell. “Lady ,I” said,( and then I 
noticed her name plate on her desk, It said, Cornelia P. Snodgrass ,so 
I amended it to “Ms. Snodgrass I keep good records and I know I am not 
overdrawn”. “Sir”, she said “This bank  does not make mistakes”. “Well 
maybe not”, I said, “But something is certainly wrong here and I know 
for a fact it is not me”. “And I have my check book and my register 
here to prove it” “ Well let me see it”, she said ”and maybe I can find 
the mistake.” “ Oh my goodness” she said, with victory in the tone of 
her voice. How could you have made such an error?”.” “Your checkbook 
shows you have a balance of 1400 dollars while your file shows a 
deficit of 600 dollars” “That just cannot be”, I said. As I said that, 
she began looking at the letter and also my checkbook . At once I 
noticed a slight redness on her countenance and the longer I looked the 
redder it got.( I knew what was coming) “The computer has made a 
terrible mistake, she said. I has your name, but the account number is 
not correct. I typed in the account number off the letter, but it is 
not the same as the one in your checkbook. Just a minute while I put in 
the checkbook number”. She began typing and then said, “Sir, I am so 
sorry there has been a bad mistake here. Your checkbook is correct and 
you are not overdrawn” “AHA” I thought, now is my chance to get even. 

“Do you realize how much trouble this has made for me?, I asked. “And
for you to keep telling me that I had made a mistake and the bank never 
makes mistakes and to stare at me as if I were a criminal?” As I was 
ranting, I noticed a tear start in the corner of her eye and I couldn't 
continue and I immediately felt terrible. A gentleman never makes a 
lady cry.  I felt so guilty, and  I apologized.  “ I am glad that you 
were able to help me“, I stammered and don't feel bad, mistakes can 
always happen and I know it wasn't your fault . 

“Thank you for being able to get this corrected.” (at this point I was
feeling like a real jerk and wanted to get out of there as fast as I 
could. I picked up my checkbook and register and skedaddled out of 
there as fast as I could and hoped I wouldn't be shot in the behind by 
the guard mistaking me for a bank robber. Or for making a lady cry. As 
a further note I won't be going back to that bank. I will go to a 
different branch where I hope I am not recognized . THE END 


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