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Sometimes I dream.... (standard:poetry, 139 words)
Author: RayneAdded: Mar 24 2001Views/Reads: 2833/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About that simple but blissful daydream we all have at one point, and wish we could never lose.

Sometimes I dream 

Sometimes I think 

Write it in lead 

Write it in ink 

About that place 

It痴 in our dreams 

So far away 

At least it seems 

Wish I were there 

Bet you do too 

How 礎out we go 

Round about noon 

Look at the moon 

Gaze at the trees 

Climb all the mountains 

Hum with the breeze 

Talk with the wind 

Fly with the birds 

Sing with the rain 

Using no words 

There we will dance 

There we will sing 

Through hill and dale 

Our voices will ring 

All night we値l laugh 

All day we値l play 

The sad thing is 

That we can稚 stay 

We値l just have to go 

But we値l come back 

Have a big lunch 

Before we pack 

But until then 

I値l just dream & think 

And write it lead 

And write it in ink. 


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