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SKYTREK : THE KRYSTALS OF KHARG (standard:humor, 5120 words) [1/15] show all parts
Author: Danny MiamiUpdated: May 24 2010Views/Reads: 3110/1783Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A comedy adventure novel based on the original Star Trek characters. PROLOGUE AND CHAPTER ONE.




On a small planet in a distant Galaxy, two figures were moving
purposefully across a wide desolate plain towards a rocky hillside, 
their way illuminated by twin moons hanging in the purple night sky. 

The tall thin figure, Kharg, had a domed hairless head and glittering
yellow eyes. He wore a high-collared flowing velvet robe which 
concealed his bony frame and reached the ground, giving the impression 
that he drifted along rather than walked. 

His companion, Giraffe, who preferred to think of himself as ‘a bit on
the short side', was really a dwarf and he had to trot along to keep 
up. He was wearing a top hat and tails and carried a shovel over his 

After fifteen minutes walking they reached the rocky hillside and as
Giraffe rested, Kharg drifted around, checking co-ordinates on a small 
positioning scanner. 

“This is the spot,” he said eventually in his slow, rasping voice,
indicating an area near a large boulder. “Begin digging, Giraffe.” 

Giraffe removed his top hat and jacket and placed them on the boulder.
He rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt, revealing short muscular 
arms, picked up his shovel and leaned it over his shoulder. 

“Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work I go!” he sang, skipping round the
boulder in time to his singing. 

“Dig!” Kharg rasped impatiently. 

Giraffe grinned at him. “Ah, you've no sense of humour, Boss,” he said.
“You take all this too seriously. You'd think you wanted to rule the 
bloody Universe or something.” 

“I do,” rasped Kharg. “After I destroy Earth. Now dig!” 

Giraffe thrust his shovel into the ground then stood on it so it sank in
deeper and grunting with the effort, began to dig. After he'd broken 
through the hard pebbly surface, the soil was like fine powdered sand 
and soon his digging had cleared a deep hole. 

“You're sure this is the spot, Kharg?” he asked, stopping for a rest and
mopping at his face with a handkerchief. 

“Of course I'm sure!” rasped Kharg. “Keep digging.” 

Grumbling under his breath, Giraffe picked up his shovel again and
continued clearing more of the fine powdery sand from the hole. After a 
few minutes of further digging he thudded into something solid. 

“Careful!” instructed Kharg, drifting closer. “Use your hands.” 

Giraffe tossed his shovel aside and knelt down in the hole. As Kharg
peered down watchfully, he began clearing the sand away from the solid 
object with his hands. They were just the right size for the job and 
soon he uncovered a large gleaming white rock. 

“That's it!” hissed Kharg. “Bring it up.” 

Puffing and panting and cursing, Giraffe freed the white rock from the
sand and groaning under its weight, heaved it over the edge of the hole 
then levered himself out. 

Kharg's yellow eyes glittered as he looked at the rock and the slit in
his lower face opened in a facsimile of a smile, revealing thin pointed 
teeth. He bent down and effortlessly lifted it then drifted away with 
it to some level ground. 

Giraffe climbed onto the nearby boulder and sat there, mopping his face

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