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The City (standard:travel stories, 8406 words)
Author: BloodonfireAdded: Nov 13 2010Views/Reads: 2854/1761Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A group travels towards their doom in a tale of sinister delight.

The City S. J. Hjellum 


The nation of Nuevial holds a dark, evil secret, a secret city lost
through the ages. At one time a name was given to this city, but due to 
wars and conquests the name has been forgotten. Travelers to 
Territories hear tales of a city of Purgatory, of Death, of Madness. 
Some scholars who were around at the time of the City's demise, some 
200 years ago, still live, but do not speak of the horrors that 
occurred. But naturally rumours are plenty abound. 

Of Nuevial, it is a large and vast country, where the wild-tribes are
found, feasting on the land. And Nuevial is quite advanced, where the 
entire nation is educated and science, known as the “best” magic, has 
put out great potential. The people are free to do as they please, and 
they are a mainly peaceful nation, with a well-equipped military ready 
to strike fear into the hearts and souls of their enemies, which are 
not many, but few. 

To foreigners, the Capital City's title is translated to mean “Light”.
If this in turn means that the Nuevians term for darkness is where one 
can find the Forbidden City's title, it has not been told to me, but 
those of whom I have mentioned who were there 200 years ago and have 
survived, they would surely know of the answer to that particular 
question which still baffles me. And these few live and reside in 
far-off places from here where I write this documentation of what I 
witnessed some years ago. 


I have seen it all and have been every place, traveled to distant
reaches of my planet and sampled local cuisine, viewed all the lights, 
smelled all the smells, tasted, touched, heard all that there is to 
hear, taste, smell and touch. My adventures are known to many folks, 
and to that distant land that some both love and hate, Nuevial, my 
travels have become very legendary. Because I have become well known, I 
am very much feared and admired. And that is the least of my troubles. 

My travels began long ago about eighty years before. I have to admit
that I am quite old. Well, young enough to many wiser men, at the age 
of one hundred fifty years, time and patience has become necessary. One 
becomes a full adult at the age of fifty years, at least for man. 
(Women attain maturity at sixty years, so you'd believe.) Some remember 
being a child, even as they age on to well around four hundred years. 
Most Nuevians live as long lives as four thousand, or so I am informed. 

I don't reall know to whom I am writing to, but this story absolutely
must be told. The world as I one knew (and who gives such a caring 
thought about the natural land anyway? Certainly not a majority who 
reside in this world that I am on at any rate. They care about their 
imperfect lives, and their spoiled ways (children were more respectful 
of their elders when I was seventy-five!)) is coming to a close, 
possibly due to what I will reveal in these very pages. 


It is hard to imagine a freer, more open environment than the territory
of Nuevial. The constant hustle and bustle of the karavenars as they 
traveled between the Dock-City of Jaireed on the far eastern edge of 
the Great Salty Sea to the West and the Capital-City of Enchiant (which 
means “light”), who allowed the trader-merchants to sell their wares 
(and believe me, they were cunning men, wise enough to be aware of what 
you wanted and what you wanted not, for them it was not hard.) 

Nuevial, well truth told as it be told, was very free from wars,
persecution and such of all kinds. In point of fact, on the planet of 
Tiearra Tchcotia, there were a number of places left alone from racial 
hatred or malice of any kind. The rest of the world was divided, some 
territories and nations were diplocratic, others were totalitaric, and 
the rest nuetral. And Nuevial was of the latter class of regions. There 
really was not a reason to hate or fear brother in that land. What was 
the point of it when you could be free? 

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