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Lust Unrequited (standard:romance, 390 words)
Author: LadyMinx78Added: Dec 09 2010Views/Reads: 2575/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A heartfelt admission - Will ever see or know just how much I yearn for you?

It's rising, growing uncontrolably, flooding through my body. It
saturates my skin, coursing violently through my veins, threatening to 
drown me in it's rage. A furious swarm of physical elements sweep me up 
into their epi-centre, scorching me with red hot desire, turning my 
thighs into slick slopes of wetness as my arousal pours out from 
within. A tornado twists around my entirity, chaos rips at my mind and 
clothes alike; my hand flies to my throat in shock and bewilderment. 
What could be causing such physical devastation? What power is causing 
me to lose my self-control in such a maddening way?.. 

It is the very sight of you, stood in such close proximity. So close I
can smell your scent, sharp yet sweet. I can almost feel your firm, 
warm skin under my fingertips. I gasp at the realisation that I want 
you so badly. I physically ache to feel your commanding hands on my 
weak shuddering frame. I can hardly breathe, suffocated with the need 
for you. Oh to feel your lips kissing mine, clamping down to seal my 
mouth, stealing my heart and mind... 

I yearn to feel the sharp jut of your hips grinding into me
relentlessly, crave the rush, the ecstacy, the high of your touch... 
Yet the deepest, most fierce and carnal of urges is what threatens to 
shred my last grip on reality. Licking at my parched lips, I vividly 
picture you moving closer towards me, before deftly parting my creamy 
thighs wide open. In my chaotic mind's eye, I hold my breath, as your 
dark eyes appraise my sex appreciatively, hungrily. For a brief moment 
my eyes meet yours in a desperate plea and as if sensing my needs, you 
thrust your solid length right inside my eager opening, so deep, right 
up to it's hilt for me to consume greedily. My most intimate muscles 
cling to your smooth, sweet shaft for dear life... I can bare it no 
longer, have to seize this chance... But you do not see me, sat alone, 
mouth agape, lips parted in undeniable lust. Desire palpable, my cheeks 
and chest are flushed, my breathing ragged... Instead you turn and 
leave the room again, totally oblivious. Alone once more, I drown in 
disbelief, with only my thundering heartbeat and the scorching heat 
between my thighs for company... 


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