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The Passion of the Christ (standard:drama, 249 words)
Author: annabelleAdded: Oct 24 2011Views/Reads: 3495/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is about the movie Passion of the Christ movie. It tells how people felt as they watch the movie.

The Passion of the Christ 

Word count 250 

Kim and her friend Linda was one of the many Christians who went to view
The Passion of the Christ movie  she and her friend  sat and waited for 
the second showing. 

When the doors opened and the people came out after the first showing. 
The looks on their faces were as if they had just buried a love one. 

Inside the theatre they sat near the back not wanting to get close. she
had heard how graphic and brutal this movie was, but she never imagined 
it being this bad. 

Kim and her friend sat chatting about everyday life when the theatre
became very quiet. The movie was starting.  She noticed the music 
first; it was the most eerie sounding music she had ever heard.  This 
movie would keep everyone's attention Christian or not. 

Kim sat very ridged her stomach full of knots. The look on Jesus' face
as he watched his disciples betray him one by one. The look of anguish, 
love and compassion on Mary's face as she watched her beloved son being 
brutality beaten for hours, kicked, spat on, and stoned. She watched 
him struggling to carry that heavy cross while still being beat Last, 
watching him being nailed to the cross with large spikes in his hands 
and feet and all of this was done for our sins. 

The brutality of this movie and the scars on the body will be embedded
in Kim's memory forever. 


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