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  Writer's profile for 'Bob Kain'
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'Bob Kain' has written 5 stories:

Uutz (standard:humor, 2713 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Sep 17 2000Views/Reads: 4234/2294Story vote: 0.00 (13 votes)
My first day alone with my 2 year old son....
Maggie...Is This Trip Really Necessary? (standard:romance, 5199 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Sep 24 2000Views/Reads: 3943/2591Story vote: 0.00 (8 votes)
I had known her what, two weeks? And now I was going to drive into a hurricane after her?
Maggie...The Day After (standard:romance, 6591 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Sep 27 2000Views/Reads: 4072/2404Story vote: 0.00 (8 votes)
The day after the storm. Better if you read Maggie...Is This Trip Really Necessary first.....
Christmas Slipping Away (standard:romance, 2474 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Nov 26 2000Views/Reads: 3925/2352Story vote: 0.00 (3 votes)
Christmas was her favorite time of the year. But if I didn't think of something fast, both Christmas and Maggie would be gone.
Fireworks Over Maggie (standard:romance, 2122 words)
Author: Bob KainAdded: Jan 15 2001Views/Reads: 4102/2374Story vote: 0.00 (5 votes)
A small-town carnival...4th of July fireworks, and Maggie. What more could a guy need?

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