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  Writer's profile for 'Voodoo'
Email address
City Outerspace
State NC
Sex Female

'Voodoo' has written 3 stories:

Hollow Pictures (standard:drama, 942 words)
Author: VoodooAdded: Mar 05 2004Views/Reads: 3170/2314Story vote: 0.00 (1 vote)
A girl (Raye) is upset about the departure of her friend (Alex) who was having an affair with a man, another friend who had gone back with his wife, so in grief she murdered him with the same weapon that her friend had killed herself with.
Layers (standard:poetry, 74 words)
Author: VoodooAdded: Mar 09 2004Views/Reads: 3084/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
a poem about becoming renewed and understood
Summerland (standard:mystery, 344 words)
Author: VoodooAdded: Mar 09 2004Views/Reads: 3510/0Story vote: 0.00 (1 vote)
A short (very short) story about death. Basically my beliefs (as many others) on where we go after life passes.

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