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  Writer's profile for 'Dr. Tortoise'
Email address
City East Bay
State California
Country The Great Satan
Birthdate A dark day in 1983
Sex Male
Marital state Single, and currently very enthusiastic about the concept of "free love."
Profession Combating The Man by systematically getting bad grades. Yeah, right...
Interests Eating & Sleeping & Writing Online Profiles of Myself
Short bio Blindly living the media-governed life of the white straight rich suburban teenage male
Comments You know those fucking little birds that always dash in front of cars, only to escape at the last minute? I wanna smash ‘em. Cocky bastards.

'Dr. Tortoise' has written 2 stories:

Exit Persephone (standard:poetry, 362 words)
Author: Dr. TortoiseAdded: Feb 24 2001Views/Reads: 3632/0Story vote: 0.00 (3 votes)
A poem I wrote while stoned. I had been brutally dumped the preceeding day, so the imagery is quite peculiar. It ends up being humorous, and having interesting psychological implications. See if you can unravel the convoluted metaphors!
The Implications of Some Rather Greasy French Fries (standard:non fiction, 397 words)
Author: Dr. TortoiseAdded: Feb 24 2001Views/Reads: 4927/1Story vote: 0.00 (8 votes)
A log of my counciousness upon and shortly after looking down into the box of McDonalds french fries that came with my meal. Kinda funny. Mostly cute. Send me lots of criticism!

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