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  Writer's profile for 'Red Storm'
Email address
State Texas
Country USA
Sex Male
Marital state Single but dating
Profession College student
Interests I like sports, movies, beer, and hot women! I'm just a simple guy.
Short bio I am currently a junior, majoring in clinical psychology with a concentration in forensics. I am 21 years old, and like to read Tom Clancy books whenever I'm not doing classwork (which is rare). My favorite hobby is writing.
Comments If you read any of my stories, please give me some feedback. Whether it's an e-mail or simply rating the story 1-10, it lets me know how the public feels about my work. Please take a few seconds to help me out!

'Red Storm' has written 4 stories:

The Flight of the Red Devil (standard:adventure, 0 words)
Author: Red StormAdded: Jun 27 2001Views/Reads: 3330/2309Story vote: 0.00 (4 votes)
This is an action-packed fictional account of the first flight of WWI flying ace Manfred Von Richthofen, also known as the Red Baron of Germany. Some real stats are added at the end to punctuate the experience, which I know you will enjoy!
Brisco Waters, Private Eye (Part 1) (standard:mystery, 0 words) [1/5] show all parts
Author: Red StormUpdated: Jul 31 2001Views/Reads: 3394/2112Story vote: 0.00 (3 votes)
Meet Brisco Waters, private eye. The time and place is 1930's Chicago, where underworld kings are pushing their criminal havoc onto innocent citizens. Now this bum-turned-P.I. is up against the very people who want him dead!
The Sidewalk (standard:poetry, 151 words)
Author: Red StormAdded: Aug 11 2001Views/Reads: 2930/0Story vote: 0.00 (1 vote)
A poor attempt on my behalf at poetry, and probably an insult to real poets, this is an attempt to break into a new realm with a strong message.
In Memory: Terrorist Attacks on New York, Pennsylvania and Washington (standard:non fiction, 828 words)
Author: Red StormAdded: Sep 13 2001Views/Reads: 3061/1Story vote: 0.00 (1 vote)
This is not a story, poem, or other form of entertainment. It is simply a few thoughts, in memory of those who lost their lives this past week.

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