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  Writer's profile for 'Chris Russell'
Email address
City rochester
State new york
Country united states
Birthdate 2/5/84
Sex Male
Marital state im only 16 so obviously im not married, but im looking for a sweet girl
Profession i dont have a career yet
Interests hockey, rollerbladeing, golf, track, building gas powered remote controlled cars
Comments please let me know what you think of my story!!!!

'Chris Russell' has written 1 stories:

The Third Hallway (standard:horror, 1217 words)
Author: Chris RussellAdded: Sep 15 2000Views/Reads: 4277/0Story vote: 0.00 (3 votes)
a reoccuring nightmare is always a terror, especially when it is a nightmare when somthing is chaseing you, but you have no idea what it is that is chaseing you....and when it finally catches up with you...

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